Best "lesser known" condiment?

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by Lionel Hutz, May 21, 2010.

  1. Inspired from the a thread in the politics section of all places, I wondered if anyone had any good condiments that not that many people know about.

    For me, if you haven't tried "Siracha" chili sauce :


    You haven't lived. Goes good on anything but probably best on Eggs or Nachos.

    I'm not a huge fan of mustard, but this shit:

    will blow you away.

    Anyone else got some good condiments that aren't very widely known?
  2. Cholula is definitely my hot sauce of choice - so much better than Tabasco!

    Malt vinegar is one of my new favorites. I like a bit of it on everything from fries and chip to popcorn and fruit.
  3. When my mom/grandma would make french fries, they'd always mix together ketchup and mayonnaise to make a fry sauce that we all called "goop". :p

    Slightly more mayonnaise than ketchup, so it's a nice light pink color. Shit's gud. :D
  4. Tzatziki Sauce:




    And, umm, Polish Ketchup. Yes, there is a significant difference. My buddy introduced me to it many moons ago.


    :metal: to all three.

  5. You can find fry sauce available in tons of restaurants in the mountain west, many even have it in a condiment pump right next to the ketchup. I am a big fan, but prefer to add a bit more ketchup to mine -- a dollop of bbq sauce in the mix is also great.

    Growing up in the mountain west I was shocked when I got to college and people had no idea what fry sauce was...
  6. Malt Vinegar and Pickapeppa

  7. Yeah, the other fry sauces I've found always have other shit in them too, though. I haven't yet been able to make it quite that good at home. ;)

    I really like Burgerville and Dairy Queen's fry sauces. Burgerville's isn't even ketchup and mayonnaise, it's some yellow concoction of awesome. :p
  8. Nouc Cham (fish sauce, sugar, chili paste, lime juice)
  9. [​IMG]

    Sweet chili sauce. I eat this stuff with pretty much everything. Chips, french fries, hamburgers, eggs. I've even put it on Nutella sandwiches before. So good.

    This stuff that I grew up with called maazat zytoon is also really good. It's a Palestinian hummus made with green olives instead of the normal chick peas. It's really good on just about anything. I haven't seen it in this country in a long time though. The local ethnic places used to see it, but anymore it seems you can only get it fresh made from a Halal market. I just make my own

  10. hahaha yeh same, i think everyone thinks that mayo/ketchup combo is there own little secret sauce that their mom made, i know i did..:(

  11. Lol, totally.
    In other fry sauces though, there's always other ingredients.

    Whenever I just straight up mix ketchup and mayonnaise together in front of someone, I get the confused look from them like "wtf are you doing? :confused:" :p
  12. dude what is up with this fry sauce shit, like back east i had heard of it and people would like mix ketchup and mayo and shit like that but here in utah people are crazy about it, personally i think that shit is so gross but that is just me. Srirachi chili sauce is used at about every meal in my house that is the best condiment if you like spicy stuff. Cholula is a good hot sauce as well and i will agree with that poster that it beats tabasco for sure
  13. Hoisin sauce!
  14. [​IMG]
    WTF is this sauce called?? I LOVE it. nom nom nom
  15. I'm a pretty conventional guy when it comes to condiments, but I'll have to give some of these a try.

    OP: First of all, sweet name! Second of all, Siracha has good flavor, but I can't stand it because it has the heat of milk.

  16. Siracha is good on eggs and nachos. But it's BEST on a hot dog. It's a must have. Siracha, mustard, relish and onions on a hotdog is my favorite thing to eat!
  17. Sriracha tastes like shit by itself, but when added to (just about) anything... Something magic happens. It's seriously like the "secret" ingredient in most of my best recipes.

    Cholula is also very nice.
  18. Sahcha sauce, used primarily in Chinese cooking or as a condiment for hotpot.

    Delicious mixed with hot chili oil.

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