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best legal trip?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by getzlifted, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. What do you guys think the best legal drug there is to trip on like mushrooms for LSD.
    I've done amanita, salvia, and LSA but they were'nt anything cool either i barely tripped or it made me feel like shit. i heard stuff about those designer drugs but i don't really know anything about them so maybe someone could help out with that too?
  2. dude salvia's crazy if you do it right.
  3. What kind of LSA did you do?
    Because I ate 8 HBWR seeds and tripped, hard
    IMO HBWR seeds are the best legal trip
  4. Some RC's like 2c-e are fucking mindblowing. They "legal" but they can be targeted as a Schedule I under the Analog Act
  5. yeah i wanna do some RC but i have no idea where to get them. I did HBWR and MG both did a whole lot of nothing haha i was pissed
  6. dxm is nice

  7. How did you take the HBWR and how many did you take?
  8. i've done it 3 times the first i water extracted 12 seeds and got 1 visual like 5 hours after i took them when i woke up
    the second i ate 25 and felt nothing except a slight lsd like body high but i was smokin hella bud so idk.
    the 3rd time i did MG in hopes of a different experience i took 500 seeds grinded into a pb and jelly sandwich then went to a laser show expecting it to be mindblowing all i got was a stomach ache...
  9. Ya I would say 2c-x is your best bet, if you look around you can find a legit site.
  10. Sounds like you got bunk seeds.

    I wouldn't even dare taking 25 of the HBWR seeds I have.

    15 was my limit.
  11. salvia on some weed is the best legal-ish trip It'll nock you to the floor seeing shit for about 15 minutes. I'd always do it around bedtime or in the mornin for a nice glow after-wards. It's like a condensed shroom trip.

    duster is cheap & gives you the "womp womps"... haha, it's okay & it sure does turn your brain into eggs if you do to much.


    seriously though I'd just stick to weed, it's pretty much legal anyway...
  12. Salvia is ridiculous

    the first few times i did it i had fun but then i had a really bad trip where i thought these rocks turned into quick sand and i thought i was gonna die, luckily i didnt haha
  13. Gasoline.

    im jokin' guys.
  14. OP, you need to talk to my homie Leroy Jenkems.
  15. I don't think he wears deodorant or som'n..

    'cause that foo stinks!
  16. 4g of syrian rue and 15g of mimosa hostilis.

    Orally available DMT!
  17. Probably something from the 2C family. Havent tried it yet but will very soon when I can afford it.

    Salvia trips you the fuck out but it's not the most enjoyable IMO.

    LSA from 15 HBWR seeds didnt really do too much and made me feel pretty crappy.

    16 ounces of Fly Agaric (Amanita Muscaria) didnt really do shit for me either; ended up falling asleep on it.
  18. Salvia or HBWR. Period.

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