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Best LEGAL Stimulant

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by TnNORML89, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. guayaki? thats such good teaaa omg!

    Just found this, : Benzedrex/Propylhexedrine : Best OTC Stimulant!

    Not sure how safe this is, but just throwing it out there.
  3. Definitely in agreement here; Benzedrex (Benzedrine was the name of a d-amp preparation in inhaler from 1928-1959), also known as hexahydromethamphetamine, is IMO the most potent and euphoric legal/OTC stimulants available. It also bears a strong molecular resemblance to methamphetamine, with the one difference being the cyclohexyl group used in place of the phenyl group for propylhexedrine.

  4. I went to Kroger tonight, and was unable to find the Benzedrex. Does anyone know if they would carry them at CVS or wallgreens?
  5. Yes, both walgreens and cvs will carry em.. Gotta look hard lol! I used to fux w/ them when I was young and had no connects lol! but sure enough if you take the bitch apart and eat the cotton rod.. AH its like a damn meth high! but ewwwwwwww I will NEVER NEVER forget the taste.. and the burps.. eww almost makes me wanna gag just thinking about it..

    just my 2cents
  6. Try high doses of caffiene. At my job (bartender) when we get busy I NEED energy. I take .5-1g+ occasionally, and when I do its definately an experience. This saturday I took 800mg combined with about 4 cups of coffee. The rest is all a crazy blur after that. Fun stuff.
  7. 24mg ephedrine and 400mg caffeine will do ya right good haha.
  8. Bros,

    Well my favorite was to do a combo of caffine and ephedrine which was a combo of 200 to 400 mg caffine and 20 to 25 mcg of ephedrine... This was in my heavy powerlifting days back when roids was not considered a drug, boy do I miss those days.... However the only negative thing I have to say about meth cookers is that they are the reason ephedrine has vanished here in NC and neoephedrine is behnd the counters and you have to sign for it.... You can still order ephedrine overseas however I do not know the success rate of such a drug since they know its used to make a form of meth... I really would like to have some as it has some awsome results with weight loss too.... Also whats up my brotha from TN!!!!!!

  9. Ginkgo biloba
  10. just come to canada, OTC for like 10 bucks a bottle. 50 pills/8mg
  11. Has to be mephedrone.
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    Those 5 hour energy shots are pretty good. Same way with that guy mentioned the energy drink "Spike". Not a lot (I can't remember exactly how much) of caffeine in it, it's just an ass load of Vitamin B-12.
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    I think he's talking other stuff then caffiene.
    I recommended kratom but I wonder about small doses of 2ci?
    There are a lot of research chemicals out that can be used as stimulants in small doses, in bigger doses recreational value. .
  14. Just wanted to follow up with this. I ate two of the cotton swabs from the Benzidrine Inhalers, and WOW is all i have to say.. I'm stimulated, focused, no fatigue at all, and there is even some euphoria! I'm VERY surprised with these results, and will definitely keep these handy when i'm out of addies or vyvance. Hell i'd take these over ritalin any day! :hello:
  15. Pseudoephedrine has kept me up all night, despite TRYING to go to bed. You will not go asleep if you take 180mg+. I promise =\. IDK about the HCl kind, but I just had the normal, non-HCl pseudo pills. For nasal congestion.
  16. I've also experimented with Pseudoephedrine in the past. I've experimented with doses in the 100-200mg range, and yes, it did keep me up like i wanted, but it did nothing for the mental fatigue and focus aspects of what i was looking for. This Propylhexedrine from the benzedrex has met all my needs, as well as adding a little fun to the mix with the euphoria!
    Once again, i'm VERY pleased with the results i've gotten tonight from this product, and will definitely go back for more when adderall or vyvance is not avaliable.

  17. Cool man im glad it worked out for you.
  18. benz is such a bad idea lol
  19. Care to back up you're statement with a little proof?
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