best led on the market?

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  1. Im looking for the best ledpanels on the market and want input.
    I strongly believe that penetrator pro is one of the best but have not tried it,just know they have taken patent on a special 60degree lens and has won best led 4years in a row.
    Then i see some people swear to the blackstar which i think has lower actual wattage draw than many othera. And someguy was very stubborn and stated that california solarflare 200 was without a doubt the best led on tgw market and that it had 5w diods. Idk what ia best but would like to see a blackstar vs apollo vs penetrator pro vs solarflare vs magnum vs advanced hydro led++++
    Any opinions and has someone tried penetrator vs some of the other stated "best leds in the world" idk about price but of course if two cheap yields more than one expensive id probably go for more panels to cover more. In the end i just care about the quality yield and heat.
    I just bought three cheap ones (between 300 and 600dollars a piece). One square 216w or 72 x 3w with a nice lensetechnology and only 6color or bandlength.. idk the correct grammar for that)
    one 135w or 45 x3w ufo also with 6 colorwave blablah..
    And one 240w or 80 x 3w also with 6 colors or what u call it. But the 216 looks best..
    Never grown with led but have grown alot for about 13years and i donr rely only on leds so im going for two 400w hps whelthink ballasts with probably philips green master bulps in a room i plan to have 16 pieces of 11liters pots and diamondmylar everywhere except the roof:) i hope to get somewhere around 50g a plant dried material.
    From some of the following seeds
    Pineapple kush
    Sensi kush
    Thc bomb
    White rhino. I also gonna use advanced nutrients plantnutrition in a mix of cocobricks soil and perlite in 11l square pots that makes it able to get more plants in a 1m2 area of sog. Or maybe 1.2m2 aka 4 by 4 feet.

    Thanks in advance for all input.

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