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Best LED light search 2013

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by WaxPayne, Feb 11, 2013.

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    Hello blades. As you all know by now the LED lighting craze is still in ful effect. We see numerous new LEDs released almost at a monthly basis and they make astounding claims of "our brand isbetter than that one" or the infamous: "better than HPS". But with all these companies making theses claims, I see alot of complaints. People not getting the promised PAR, units using cheap parts and chipsets, faulty units losing half their array in a period of months (most sites claim the LEDs have a lifespan of 50,000 hours) and of course, clone units.

    I have been researching LEDs since last year and have found what I believe to be the best on the market right now. My question to you is: which one would YOU choose and WHY? Heres the list :

    1. LED Grow Lights - 189X-PRO LED Grow Light
    The Pro X series has been a top contender for the last couple years. (i think it usedto be called the Penetrator X) and i have seen them in action (thanks endive :) ) They have astounding PAR and have the ability to grow lovely, dense flowers flooded with crystals. The only drawback is the price is steep (as with most quality LEDs) but i would need either one of these or two of the next size down to accomidate my space. Still a beautiful light and the company seems very helpful in dealing with customer's needs.

    2. California Lightworks Products : SolarStorm
    The Solatstorm is IMO the "king" of LED lighting. Why? Because it uses 5W chipsets. Most great LEDs use 3W chipsets but this one uses 5W. Also, the heat sinks, overall design and addition of UVB t5 lighting make this beast quite LED. California Light Works really raised the bar with this unit. Ive only seen one userwho uses these LEDs but he swears by them and their company and i trust "the dude" (his name i cant remember how to spell so just going off of AVI). The only drawback i can think of is that its a little taller than most units in its class which really isnt a horrific drawback at all unless you have a very limited amount of space. This light is just such a tank amd seems very well built and engineered from the inside out.

    3. Magnum Plus2
    The 357 Magnum Plus 2 is a new concept from the makers of the 357 Mag series. This light seems pretty cool, similar to the Pro X except it has differemt lenses in the middle of each site. They dub this fisheye lense the "Flower Eye". We all know angle plays an important role in dispersing light to our babies amd the new lense may be more than just a gimmick. The only drawback for me is that i cant seem to find anyone who owns one of these units so its hard to get a real perspective on this light.

    4. https://www.advancedledlights.com/3w-led-grow-lights/new-diamond-series-xml-10w-cree-xml/
    Advanced LEDs are another leading competitor in LED lighting technology. Their new XML series boast 10W LEDs (holy crap!) big thanks to FickySiskers for this wonderful suggestion :) these lights seem to be top notch quality and just look at the size of those 10w CREE chipsets!!! The output and overall value of these light make them a true gem of the LED industry.

    All of these lights incorperate 3W chipsets or higher. They are all around $1000-1,300 and all seem to use quality parts. I'm not sure if I would go with anything else as alot of LED panels and UFOs just dont cut it in comparison to these three. If you have any LED lights you are willing to share or post info on then be my guest but we are looking for quality here. I hope this helps anyone in the same conundrum as myself and i cant wait until i can get a hold of one to run test with. Oh and please no "HPS are better" or anything like that. This thread is strictly LED information related, not an arguement of the legitimacy of LEDs over Hps. If you wish to argue please find another thread . i will update each section for each light as i go along so i have more info to present you with.

    Thanks for stopping by :wave:
  2. Good info.... I reached your threads on "answer above you" on my grow Question. Check out alibaba.com for wholesale prices on leD's
  3. I just don't know the lumens as sometimes it isn't stated or applicable.
  4. The only thing about alibaba is that they don't have any of these lights on there . I wish thu had some nicer ones too . There are alot of clones on there . These three are the best I have found since searching since last February and I've had the opportunity to speak with some people here on GC who own the first two. By what I have seen in their grow journals , they work. And work well :D
  5. California light works best LEDs on the market

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  6. Yes I've heard nothing but great things about their company and products . Like stated before, I believe them to be the "Kings" of LED grow lighting
  7. I am in the saltwater industry and these clones are exact replicas. Same everything.
  8. Yep and made in the USA

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    Send me a link but remember we are looking for something similar to these three mentioned lights. Not UFOs or regular panels that utilize 1w chipsets. Look for things that use CREE, Epistar, Bridgelux , etc.
  10. Cree is a fantastic company... Also big in saltwater aquaria.. I remember coming across Cree on alibabas. I'll have to take another look.
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    CREE are some of , if not, the best LEDs for plant lighting out today. All three of these lights include them . Epistar are pretty good too . I hear mixed reviews from Bridgelux .
  12. Cree is the way to go.. I remember I was about to spend $1,500 on lights JUST for my tank. Well worth the efficiency, and they last at least 10 years.... Can't beat that.
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  14. Ah the Diamond series . I've never got any input from anyone about these lights so I thank you for posting some :) The XML looks like such a damn beast !! I'll add it to my OP when I get time. These lights look very well constructed , and boast 10W (insane!!) CREE chipsets!! They look like the magnum plus 2 , coverage area is pretty good too . Man this decision gets harder to make by the day lol .
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    I loooove my DS100!
    I ran thru veg with two plants just on the ds100 and loved the results. Its running now on my HID to help out with lighting on my one female...around 340w power total on one plant lol.

    Ds is awesome! Matter of fact i have a second on the way sometime. Hoping to go back to LED only...maybe 2-3 ds100s daisychained together

    My HID works well, but its too hard to control it all with my little 2.6x2.6x5 tent. I figure 2-3 DS100s will be better to manage temps and space for my upcoming scrog plans.
  16. Hey Gilboyto thanks for stoppin in :) I have a question , did they mention anything about their new grow light that incorporates the 10w LEDs?
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    They did not...i saw them on their website but i had a pretty specific goal when i called haha.
  18. Aww bummer . Really diggin those huge LEDs lol but Ive heard great things about the diamond series from this forum and RUI.

  19. I have the DS300 as well and am very happy with my purchase. :hello:
  20. Has anyone heard of TruLiteLed.com? I recently came across them and the one claim that got my attention was most LED manufacturers actually purchase LED's that are "approximate" wavelength. I own a Penetrator 336x Pro, and upon finding this info at TruLite, I read over the patent on Hydro Grow's lights, and sure enough, the wavelength they use for 660nm is "approximate" and falls between 650nm and 670nm. This goes for all they're other listed spectrums. Most of them range anywhere from a 20-25nm spread. Little something they forget to mention on their website. However, TruLiteLed.com states that they have dialed in the correct spectrums exactly due to ordering direct from diode manufacturers, yet they don't list the specific NM that they use in their lights. I have put a call in to them and hope to speak with them Monday. If anyone is familiar with TruLite, please pass on any information that may be helpful.
    Also, anyone have any experience with the Magnum Plus 2?
    Here are the patents for HydroGrow, you can google them and it will pull it right up. Quite a bit to read, but very informational. I went with HydroGrow because of this reason, they are informative and also have good customer service. I would buy from them again, but next time a call, i'll be brining up this "Approximate" issue and requesting that since they claim to do so much research and work into their product, Why is it they cant get the nm at least closer than a 20-25 spread? That deserves a discount alone.
    Patent Pending#: 13/189,009 & 13/347,971

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