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  1. Hey guys, doing my first grow here.

    I'm looking to buying a 2x2 tent or 3x3 (my decision will be based off your advise). But my goal is to produce at least 2 ounces off each grow. 3-4 ounces would be nice, but at least 2 is my goal.

    Another question would be what light should I use? I'm honestly pretty interested in LED. (cheap on electric, no need to change bulbs or anything). Unless someone can advise me or give me a reason not to use LED & to go with something else, I will consider. But how much watt should I use? Will one 300 watt LED hydrogalaxy light be enough to produce me 2-3 ounces? and be enough for a 2x2 tent? or should I get 2 of those 300 watt lights? Or just buy one 450 watt viparspectra?

    Can someone point me out to what setup I should go with?

  2. T bone

    Whats the difference between the boards in the options ?

    QB288 or QB304
  3. I'm in the final 2 wks of finishing up a nice grow running 2, 450w viparespectras in a 3x3 tent.

    One plant had issues (top left), but not light related.



    Electricity consumption and heat output are on point - over all very happy with these 2 LEDs.
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  4. I use a NextLight Mega and have great results. They also make a NextLight Mini for smaller spaces. Buzzer777 has one and likes it - maybe he'll chime in.
  5. one board uses 288 chips while the other uses 304.
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  6. Ahh well i feel silly lol
  7. don't it's about the only LED on the market that has a name that makes sense for the product
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  8. It depends what your budget is? If it's your first grow I wouldn't go spending a lot of money off the bat. If you did your research and know the concept of growing then Go for it by all means! The only thing about the cheaper Leds is them blowing diodes more often. Sometimes they'll do Good for a few Grows then blow, but it's not always the case tho. once that happens you need to get a new light unless you can fix it, and sometimes it not even worth it. A lot of the lights being used is DIY like HLG, Timber, Cutter etc... but you can also get them prebuilt for a little more money. If your not into DIY Mick suggested a good Light, Next Light that's made in the USA unlike most that are made in China. Just read up on any light you buy No matter what brand it is!
    Good Luck

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    I kinda thought with a title like best light on the market you weren't looking for super cheap. It might be better to just give us a budget to work with.

    If you plan to grow photos you need to have two grow spaces/tents or a room that you can use for veg and a tent to isolate the flower plants. If you have a veg and flower space it doubles your production a year. You always have large plants waiting their turn to be flowered. As soon as the flower tent is done the next batch goes in. Bud every 8-12 weeks.

    Personally I like a 4x4 flower tent. I understand if you're low on space going with 3x3 but don't go smaller then that for flower. It's sucks getting cramped for space. It takes way more money to fill a 4x4 with good light though. It doesn't seem much bigger but you're comparing 9sq ft to 16. That's like almost 80% more space. For a beginner that doesn't want to need 600-1000 watts to fill a 4x4 I think two 3x3x80" tents would be perfect. One for veg and one for bloom. The veg tent can get by with 120-200 watts or so but the bloom tent needs about 250-300minimum if it's quality led.

    Don't forget about headroom. That's huge. How much headroom you have is going to determine how large you can grow your plants. Many of the 3x3 tents around are only 5' or 5 1/2' tall. Make sure you get a tent that is at least 6' tall if not 80". Mine is 80" tall and it's nice. I can't imagine having less headroom.

    There is the height of the pot which if you use something like a 5 gallon bucket is about 18". There is the distance the light has to hang off of the ceiling, 6" minimum. There is your light distance to the plant tops. Also about 18". What is left? That's a total of 3 1/2 feet before you ever grow a plant. That means in a 5ft tent with a large pot you can only grow a max plant height of 18".

    Get shorter pots like smartpots, get an 80" tall tent, and you can grow 4' tall or so plants so you can have a decent yield .
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  10. best LED light on the market is the one you use and can afford......that simple
  11. The best light on the market ignoring price would probably be a custom built one similar to what Growmau5's recent build looks like. He's mixing some of the best leds around in one big custom built fixture. This is 1500 u/mols at 18" in the center running dimmed down a bit probably around 800 watts. Those are uv bulb bars between the quantum panels.
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    Yeah..I'm really lovin the MINI!! Finished up my last grow and now using it for both Veg and flower..The Mini is over the right side (these are 2x GDP and are naturally taller (3ft now, stretch stopped) and fatter than the plants on the left..BUT, that Mini is sure doing a great job!
    BTW: I also own a Unit Farm UFO80 and 2x Meizhi 450s..Like them all, but the Nextlight is really fantastic.
    @MickFoster told me about glad he did:)
    Yesterday, 24 days in: (sorry about the burple on the left..that is from the UFO80)
    That white light over the right side is from the MINI!!:)
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