best led light for a 3ftx3ftx8ft

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  1. i need help picking a led light for my grow, its a 3ftx3ftx8ft and i want to get 1- 2 plants. please help
  2. i wouldnt get an LED light. their not worth a shit. i work at a grow shop and 100% of leds are returned within a short time.

    i would suggest a 4ft 6 or 8 bulb t5 if your only going for 1-2 plants
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  3. gonna be hard to fit that in his tent though.:D
  4. 2' then lol
  5. 90 watt ufo augmented with cfl clamp lights; you can cover all angles and keep them nearly touching. lack of penetration isn't an issue when you have them that close

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  6. i really want to get an led light cuz of the heat the other lights produce, i dont want a loud fan or complex system, that i would have to switch lights for the flowering. does anyone have experience with the Illuminator Jumbo UFO 180W, and would that light be suffient for 1 plant?
  7. would the t5 work for all stages of the grow?
  8. Yes, as long as you have the right spectrum
  9. I have two Sun Blaze T-5 fixtures. The 8 bulb is 24x24 and the 4 bulb is 24x12. They use 24 watt 6500 Kelvin bulbs for veg or you can get them with the 3000k flowering bulbs. If you want to use the T-5’s for the entire lifecycle you will need both types of bulbs. My plants have been under them for 23 days and you can click the link in my sig to see the results do far. My grow journal also has the watt/lumes per sq ft that these lights putout. T-5’s still put out heat and in a small space you will see temps climb, nothing like a HID, but still an issue that requires proper ventilation. The main issue with the CFL’s or T-5’s is they need to be close..but not too close lol.

    I have a Pro-Grow 400 LED that will arrive next week. I wanted an LED mainly because I don’t want to run a HID setup that requires an extra fan and duct work to cool. The Pro-Grow line lets you flip a switch to go from veg to flowering, rather than buying another LED or changing anything like a T-5 setup would. The LED will also have better light penetration than CFL’s/T-5’s and won’t have to be as close to you plants. Your tent should have plenty of room for either setup. Good luck with your grow!
  10. what made you decide to go with the pro grow 400 LED?
  11. either way your gonna need some air flow. whether its a window fan with an exhaust and air in. or 6inch fan for the plants. its honestly cheaper, and probably more effective to go with a smaller HID. especially since you have such a tall growing area. my LED is above my plants like 18inches... and i got a 6footer.

    im running 357 magnum plus led. but its expensive. and its working great though. but honestly for the coverage and price, hid, especially a smaller like 300watter or something will make just a little more heat and cost far les and take up about as much power with same results almost.
  12. [ame=]357 Magnum Plus Grow w/ Plants (vegetative). - YouTube[/ame]

    heres the grow i got going on.
  13. I chose Pro-Grow after seeing quite a few successful grows on forums using their 180 model mostly. Here’s a link to a member using the Pro-Grow 180: Just use the search feature and you can find lots of stuff on it. I can’t remember if it was here or another forum, but one guy did a head to head Pro-Grow vs 600 watt HID, both plants were similar at harvest. The other company that looked really good was: California Lightworks they have a trial program for their high end unit. You have to apply, get chosen and place a $1,000.00 deposit on their $2,000 model. After a year you can return it and get your money back or keep it for your deposit amount. The other company that looked good was Kessil, plenty of PhD’s on staff and capital to do R&D. There were other LED manufactures I looked at too and their products seemed solid, but expensive. I think it’s too early in LED technology to shell out top dollar. The Pro-Grow was a middle of the road choice both in technology (3 watt led vs 5 watt) and price. Hope that helps.
  14. i threw my 2cents in but i can tell these guys are gonna talk ya into getting an LED.

    i really wish you wouldnt waste your $ on it though. like i said, working at a hydro shop, ALL led's come back within a short time. like superbad said, "its to early in LED technology to shell out top dollar." meaning their not as good as they should be for the price your gonna pay.

    i would strongly suggest going with something like this....... Hydrofarm - Hydrofarm FLT28 T5 2ft/8-Tube Commercial System w/ Bulbs

    i think you will be much happier with the results it will give you over the LED's
  15. would that be the only light i need? i really want to use one light. and dont want an expensive cooling system. im growing from the space in my bathroom were my bathtub is. i have the master bathroom and have a shower and a tub. so im thinking of putting a wood board over the tub. i dont have to worry about being stealthy or the smell. since i want 2 - 3 plants. im going with fox farm's oceans forest potting soil and nutrients. also would it be wise of me to get a tent? or should i leave them out. again im the only one using the bathroom. and its in my house. any advice on the set up would be welcomed
  16. best would be a 400w hps in like a cool tube...since you dont need to worry about smell just a fan and ducting isnt that could run the ducting through a heat vent to another room
  17. this is the end of week 4 12/12 with my setup mentioned above; makes me jealous of my daughter's cell phone, much better camera.

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