Best LED Grow Light for Flowering?

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  1. LumiGrow-Products-Pro series greenhouse lights. Pro325, equivalent to 1,000watt HID while consuming 70% less energy. The Pro650 is my golden child. I've done beyond extensive research and am yet to find any other LED manufacturer with these statistics and facts from scientific studies. Not one even close. Not saying that there aren't others that work great what-so-ever. But if they did, they'd also have a similar amount of info available on their website. This is close to the umpteenth time I've brought this phenominal company up, and am yet to read one comment by a REAL USER stating their opinion, no matter what it is, based upon them actually going to their site and doing some research. Is this GC "anti-LumiGrow" or what??  This comment for open-minded/conversing adults only, stay on recess break if your underage or Tylerm-like, thanks much :)  
  2. Statement finally answered. Couldn't be more wrong. My apologies.

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  3. check out the grow in my sig to see what a single 135W LED can do.
  4. really? im using an apollo right now and currently my plants look like they are lacking bud. they are in their 6th maybe 7th week of flower. small buds and fully organic grow no nutes or nothing
  5. If cost is not an option build an led fixture using cree cxb3590 will outperform anything you can buy from retailers. If you need help message me.
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  6. start to finish how much would it cost to build a lamp suitable for 3'x2'. veg to flower
  7. I personally use 2 different color lights 6500k for veg and 2700k for flower you would need a 300watt light for that space. Here is my veg light its a 4 bulb 200watts total and flower light is 6 bulb 300watts total. What your gonna want is a light powerful enough for flowering. 300watt would b good 400 watt would b above and beyond. Pm me for pricing and coloring also can explain a little more in depth

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  8. so do you have 2 set ups? like 2 different lights you switch from when you go to flowering or are they on that rack that you made? also how much does that cost to make from scratch roughly
  9. yes I have 2 lights I have a 4 bulb 6500k light 200watts for veg and a 6bulb 2700k 300watts for flower. pricing is based on materials I used cree leds which are top dollar pm me I can explain better
  10. I used 6x800w leds tops grew lush middle down wasnt gettin light scrog next for me but adding hps this time wen in flower i find leds awesome for veg but not best for flower

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  11. Link doesn't work for me on chrome.

    If you want to shop for some quality led grow lights this site carries many of the best brands. There are no crap fixtures here. - Great Selection and Support

    If you're all about efficiency these days I don't think there's a more efficient diode then the samsung lm561c s6 which a lot of newer higher end led grow lights use. I've been waiting for a while for something with better stats to come around honestly. It seems they've been on the top of a while at 2.66umol and 177 lumens/watt with some of the better built board layouts. Cree, Bridgelux, Citizen and other cobs that were the best to build with from about 2015-early 2017 are a bit lower in output then that.
  12. lol this thread was from 2011.
  13. It's almost funny to go back and read about what people thought was the shit back then.
  14. No kidding. Most of the names I didn't even recognize that's when I looked at the date of the OP. Most those brands probably don't even exist anymore.
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    What type of LED lights do you recommend? Let's say for $5,000 as budget? Small area like 7x7. Thanks.
  16. Oh i see!

    If you are looking for something awesome, like when you invest your money in led grow light and you get more than enough return then i recommend you to read some expert's review! I have googled best led grow lights by experts and found this worth giving a shot!
    Do try it!

    P.s. I am no way affiliated with this website!
  17. The prakasa led lights are great always use for veg and flowered one plant under 100w cob light and the yield was roughly the same as my 150w hps!

    I have a 300w panel that I havnt used yet

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  18. i know u didnt ask me but i grow LEDs and if i had your space and the $ i would get 9 of these...


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