Best LED Grow Light for Flowering?

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  1. Looking for reviews and advice, cost is not a factor.

    And yes I am well aware of the ongoing debate over HID vs LED. I've had multiple successful grows with HID and am moving my operation to a larger space and want to see what I can do with LED.

    My theory (and this is just a theory by the way) is that many who have experimented with LED lighting so far might have had insufficient results due to the fact that they are not using enough lights. So I figure that by paying more upfront and sticking ample LED lighting in the room I can hopefully expect so see growth not possible with HID.

  2. I bought two Lighthouse Hydro Blackstar 240 watt LED flowering lamps. So far they work like a champ. My first grow with them is a single Onyx autoflower in an undercurrent DWC hydro unit. I had issues with stunted growth on all but one of the seeds I germinated, which is why I only have one (while I'm growing out some new mother plants).

    That said, I placed both of these lights over the single plant, which is now about 10" tall, 1 main kola with 4 slightly smaller kolas. Each of these are nearly as big a round as a soda can. This little plant is so packed and crowded with buds that I had to do a little bit of LST using zip ties to hold the 4 secondary kolas out of the way. The buds were so big that they were all touching, and new leaves were getting crumpled, as they didn't have room to grow.

    Since this is my first Onyx, (and first autoflower grow, for that matter) I'm not sure how much of that is genetic, or how much of that is the light. I do know that the plant wouldn't thrive the way it is, if the lights were sub-par, regardless of genetics.

    In my grow space, those two lights are meant to cover 4 plants. Since I only have one, by doubling them up directly over the single plant, I've had tremendous results so far. It makes me think about buying a couple more, at least one per plant site, before filling my system with 4 new clones.

    So I'm on board with LEDs due to my experience. We'll see how they perform as I initially intended.. 1 lamp per two plants, before I purchase more. But it's clear to me that by doubling them up, I'm having great results.

    Hopefully this helps. I definitely recommend the Blackstar lights.

  3. I would skip that panel and not even think twice. Since cost is not an issue to you and you are looking in the range of 600w plus (The link you provided is actually a 720w panel), I would suggest going with Advanced LED's 720w extreme flower.

    Personally though, with that much wattage I think I would prefer something like Advanced 360 x 2 or Spectra 290 x 2 or Advanced / Spectra 180 x 4.

    But here's the important part: Do not take my word for anything and do your own research by checking out finished journals from growers whose setup and method you trust.

    I can also vouch for Blackstars as I have personally seen results with them.

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  4. How about a link to a completed journal to start? And how about some tech specs and diodes used so we can at least stab at an educated guess on your "production" panels?

  5. are the blackstars 240 watt for flowering do they give give good yield thinkin bought getting one to run with my 400 wt hps and 90watt ufo
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    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 16, 2013 in china make me custom 300W lamps for $200 each and 100W for $100 with 3W epistar diodes in them, very good customer service in my experience.
  7. I grow both Chinese and Blackstar. By far the Blackstar outperforms!!! It is worth the extra $75
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    I've research a lot of LED's these are the best I've found as far as I can tell.

    And when your light reaches its 60,000 hour life.You can mail it in to be upgraded with their newest tech,or just refurbish them for just cost for parts/shipping.No labor.

    Also a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

    LED Grow Lights | Black Dog LED | Plant Light
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    Do you realize blackstar is made in china and I'm pretty sure even use the same Taiwanese Epistar diodes as every other brand?
  10. People talk bad about "chinese goods" but what they fail to realize is that if you get cheap chinese goods it will probably be crap, but if the wholesaler actually ordered and paid for good parts, you will get good stuff.

    The Blackstar 240 is 150 watts actual draw. They are one of the best values out there. It is in a price range (<$300) where more people can think about dabbling in LED's.
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    Wholesalers are just middle men taking a slice of your pie when manufacturers are already willing to sell custom-built lamps directly to the market and have perfectly good customer service.

  12. Ok so I used the wrong term.

    I was referring to the person who designs and orders the fixture.

  13. The link above you can call the supplier,or email direct,and also customize your piece I'm told.
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    Let me ask.Since you have a blackstar.Is the star decal on the BS made in the plastic or stuck/painted on.Because I see blackstars from the link I posted as well if you search them.

    May be hard to tell I guess.

    Just wondering if thats all the middleman is doing.Putting a decal on,and calling it their brand of light.

    Heres one $135 240w 3 yr warranty:

    Does the light pattern look the same?
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    Never buy something online using .. those sellers can just collect the money and laugh their way to the bank :rolleyes: Paypal only!

  16. Hmm never noticed that.
  17. If anyone looking for a good veg/flower led the apollo 12 or 10 are great I've pulled biggest yields ever with them and there custimized from china but from the main makers there better then my 650watt hps in more then one way so from experience you might want true light there worth it
  18. I strongly suggest looking at the California light works solarstorm 800w comes with uvb tubes as well sic as fuk light

    Keep calm and grow on


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