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  1. I’m attempting to get with the times here lol. LED’s have come a long way I see. So with that being said what’s a good LED for a veg area that’s 5x5. Currently running 4 ft 8 bulb T5.

    I know there’s a lot of threads on this. But I feel like led evolves a lot from what I can see. And I’d prefer current answers rather than 6 month old answers.

    Thanks guys.
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  2. If you want the "best" led lights on the market, go with quantum boards. They arent that expensive and theres plenty of experts on qbs here at GC.
    If you go with blurples (purple light) then you are not really "getting with the times" as they arent able to compete with qbs/cobs/hps/cmh

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  3. I’ve always vegged with a 1000 watt hps. Starting at 400 and increasing my ballast setting until I reach 1000 over time. and flowered with 2000 watts of Hps. But I seen led doing equally well if not better. So I scratched my head and figured I’d run them for my cost electrically and the spectrum. But again this is all new to me.

    Would it be better to run “blurple” in veg and quantum in flower? Or quantum all the way through?
  4. Well blurples will veg alright but are pretty bad in flowering. The main difference if you went with qbs over blurples is the structure of the plants would be tighter. More bushy, far less stretch. Alot of people have issues with their plants not stretching under qbs and staying small, but thats due to having too much light.
    Quantum boards can be dimmed, I dont believe blurples can? They just have the stupid veg/bloom switch which I think is a gimmick.
    If you regularly veg under a 1000w, you can do just as well under 600w of qbs. As for the 2000w in flower, about 1200w of qbs can do the same. So the savings would be gigantic.

    What are the dimensions of your growing space? You really dont need alot of power for veg. I veg a 4x4 space with 240w and I am happy with it.

    Last reason to go qbs over blurple is my point at the very beginning, blurples are bad at flowering, qbs are up there with the best in flowering. So if you wanted to move lights around in the future, your qbs will work in every stage very well, the blurples work well only in veg.

    All this said, if you go with quantum boards, make sure your knowledge on ppfd is up to date. Have a light meter and know how to convert to ppfd so that your plants will get the right amount of light all the time. The intensity is different than hps.

    Heres a good site to look around at.

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  5. If you really are only concerned with vegging. Look deeply at their 4x qb132s. Very cheap, GREAT lights for veg. Imagine spreading a few of those out over all your vegging plants. You can dim them low for seedlings or full power for your older veg plants. Some people even flower with those by themselves. Definitely not 1000w of HPS, but no one needs 1000w in veg (unless you have a 10x10 space or something)
    QB132 V2 Quantum Boards

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  6. Very informative and right to the point. I’ll have to do some research on the lights you stated, as I don’t have any knowledge(obviously). Thank you for taking the time out to break it down for me step by step. Went above and beyond my friend. Much obliged.

    My veg area is a 5x5(5 x 10 tent but only using half atm)

    Flower area is still under construction but I have 8 x 10(roughly)
  7. I'm not an expert on all the quantum boards out there. There are some people on here who could give you all the options and fully customize your space perfectly for you though. If I were you I would make another post asking for specifics on outfitting a 5x5 with quantum boards for veg. The experts will come out and give you a hand. Good luck!

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  8. For 5x5 veg area. Two of this light can cover it well. True power is around 460W totally.
  9. Damn sorry for the late reply! I’m running 2x gixxer 1000w LEDs and 1x Kingled 2000w= about 495 true watts. Ran those 24/0 for a bit over a month on some fairly matured clones I had got

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