Best LED For 4x4?

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  1. ive decided to go for a 4x4 tent which i plan on growing 5 Think Different plants

    Which Mars LED setup is best?

    4 x 300w HYDRO
    2 x 700w HYDRO II
    2 x 900w HYDRO II
    1 x 1200w HYDRO II
    1 x 1600w HYDRO II

    Currently I am leaning toward 4 x 300w as I can pick them up for £50 a piece. The total actual draw would be around 560w, i was thinking I would get better yield and coverage at
    nearer to 800w actual draw..

    What do you think?
  2. Definitely the 4x300 because the light overlap will amplify the par that the plant receives!

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  3. I have a Mars II 1600 in my 5x5 and it serves about a 4x4 pretty well.

    If I were to do it all over again back then (sticking with Mars) I would have gone with 4 x Mars II 400's.

    I think you're better off with multiple lights but I think you'd still be a little short with 4 Mars 300's.

    Go bigger on your lights in the beginning, you'll thank me later.
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  4. The Mars 400's are cheaper from their website than from Amazon and you might be able to get a little price break by ordering through @smokesara.
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  5. I got 1 mars pro 320 II 1000w - true watts is around 710! Can only fit 2 plants in my 4x4 as they are giants... like the other guy said start with more light than you think... and yes wish I had a few smaller ones not one larger one..
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  6. If you got the money get yourself some quantum boards. Way better than those panels imo
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  7. That’s a whole new topic right there... think he wanted to know which lights of the ones he has chosen will be better - and yes if I could start all over again I’d go black dog.
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  8. Title says best led for 4x4
    Imo it would be qbs
    I started with 2 viparspectra 600w
    Then upgraded to 5 platinum led p300s
    Now I have 3 260watt qb kits and they blow all those others away.
    I’d rather start with one quantum board kit than start with 4 mars lights. Then buy another qb kit when you have the money.
    If you’re handy with DIY you could probably build your own qb for the same price as 4 mars.
    I am only saying this cause I wish I just bought the quantum boards first instead of buying those panels.
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  9. eBay has great prices on MarsHydro stuff too

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  10. I looked in to those quantum boards I might have another look as they were sold out and not sure if i can get them in Australia :(
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  11. I've just checked out the qb kits quickly and they seem to be very well received. Can I use them throughout the entire grow from start to finish?

    Would 4 X 135w qb kit be ideal for a 4x4 tent? They are dimmable Upto 160w apparently, so that would be 640w in total?. Seems perfect for 4x4 no?
    They are $185 a piece so $740 in total. Not much different to 4 X 400w Mars

    In basic terms what makes these lights so awesome? In comparison to Mars?

  12. Thanks for your advice dude :) I am leaning toward either 4 X 400w Mars or 4 X 135w quantum board.

    What do you think?
  13. Appreciate the advice dude thanks :) I am leaning toward either 4 X 400w Mars or 4 X 135w Quantum Board..

    What do you reckon?
  14. I will keep that in mind :) multiple lights Does seem to be the better choice

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  15. If you can afford the quantum boards, they are a million times better!!! I only said the 4 Mars 300 because I think that's the best out of your original options. But I recommend the quantum boards over everything else. They really are amazing.

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  16. How hard is it to put these boards together and are they safe ?
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  17. I am running 1x QB288 and 4x QB132s ((4th is in the flower tent)..Brightest things I have ever seen..
    @Shifte83 ..Try too..I got my 3000k 288 there..good people. Quantum 135w.JPG 1-20-18=1.JPG
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  18. Yeah man I appreciate you answering my original question :)
    Would you recommend 4 x 135w QB OR 2 x 260w? Also, can I use them from beginning to end of grow? (Seed to harvest)

    Thanks again dude
  19. There are YouTube videos on how to put them together. If you can use a screwdriver and wire snippers you can do it lol. As far as safety I am not positive? Looking at them I’m not really sure what would even be an issue though. Check the lighting section here or over at rollitup. Lots of info out now.
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