Best led fixtures?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jessica.shay.12, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. I'm going to be growing indoors this fall/winter. Can anyone suggest some awesome tents and best leds/brands? Thanks!!!!

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  2. Budget?
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  3. Probably no more than $500 at this time.

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  4. OK..lets see..
    My Vivosun 3x3x6 tent from Amazon was about $100
    Meizhi reflector 300s with veg/bloom switches for $72 each Ebay
    Hope you can get Fox Farm Ocean Forest locally as shipping is too expensive
    I like Fabric pots too.Five of the .Ipower 5 gallon pots w/ handles for $12 Ebay
    You will need 10 Inch dishes underneath to catch runoff (cheap locally)
    Rachet yoyos for the light(s) (Metal gears only) $<10 each Ebay
    An exhaust fan and ducting..(scrubber too if smell is an issue) 6" Ipower for under $85 Ebay

    Geez memory fails me (toking on some of my Gorilla Wreck#4..LMAO)

    I am getting repetitious but Meizhi eats Mars and Vipar for dinner in price, CS, and quality imho..
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  5. some $$ to buy awesome feminized seeds..;)
  6. I bought some seeds already. I'm trying to find some decent blue dream :-/

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  7. Have you checked Bonza and the Single Seed Center in the UK yet?
    Both have a bunch of good breeders imho..
    Blue dream
  8. Nope but I definitely will :)

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