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  1. Hello my fellow blades and bladettes, I would like to know the best kind of whey protein there is out there?
    money is not really an issue so I dont care about the price, Im just trying to assist my gains from running and lifting, so let me know friends :confused_2:
    Also say whatever whey you use or if you dont use it, some other alternatives to it that work just as well if not better :hello:
    as always thankyou for reading and everyone is welcome to comment, even you trolls :devious:

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  3. #Hemp Protein. Even better! More amino acids, natural, supports hemp movement.
  4. keep the responses coming, I think the mods have been deleting my threads :mad:
  5. Earthy, mix it with bananas and other things.
  6. like some nana, milk, and hemp protein
  7. A quick google search will list out a lot of reputable dealers. Going to your local sports nutrition store (if you live in the US) should have this product.
  8. Ya man for some reason in forum rules you cant talk about supplements.
  9. Xtreme Formulations, Dymatize, ON, Trutein, True Nutrition.
    internets for you
  11. If you want the best tasting go with Xtreme Formulations.  They source all their whey in the US and use high quality ingredients. 
    Trutein also has pretty damn good flavors.
    Dymatize passed a recent testing done on their protein with flying colors.  It had more protein than what it says on the nutrition label.  Good company. 
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    Hey man if money isn't an issue i strongly suggest Mercola's whey. ("Pure Power" line is the best imo, and i've tried them all).

    I drink probably two of these shakes a day, once in the morning when i wake up and once after my workout. Tastes amazing too man, just an icecube and 8 oz of water, shake it up and you're good to go. 150$ for 8 pounds, usually lasts me about 3-4 months.

    The Pure Power line is 100% natural ingredients, is a concentrate rather than an isolate (isolates give off acidic byproducts, but are usually fine for a person with healthy kidneys) and has probiotics in it too, a really great product imo.,999,0.htm
    EDIT: and btw, i recommend getting 2 vanilla, 1 chocolate and 1 banana. Strawberry is the worst of the 4 imo. I usually mix 1 scoop vanilla with 1 scoop choc/or banana.
    this bowls for you
  14. i bought some platinum hydro whey during a lightning deal on amazon but havent even used it yet. a 1.75 pound tube was like $40 bucks
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    Is what I use, it's whey and casein.  I like it.  Can only get from Nutrishops though.
  16. I'd just get the best tasting and cheapest whey you can get.  Other brands just add other stuff that isn't whey like creatine, which you're paying extra for. There are isolates that are leaner , but I doubt a couple grams of carbs is gonna make a drastic impact where you can compensate with the rest of your diet.
  17. I really like these whey proteins because they are natural and not an addicted supplement most of the supplements nowadays are having steroids which are not good for health they give fast results but damage our lungs. I have personally used these whey proteins they are really effective. If you are busy with your job or can't manage time for having a proper diet so they are really good for you. 
  18. bodyfortress chocolate well for me, plus its really cheap at $15 for 2lbs... has really good reviews on it too, dont let the cheap price make you think it is bad though
  19. Cell Tech all the way.

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