Best kind of non water hand pipe??

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  1. What is your opinion on the best non water hand pipe style? must be glass. Spoon? Oney? etc no bong
  2. There are some good hand held bubblers, but they do use water, I suppose sherlocks are pretty dope. Water filtration > Dry.
  3. If you're looking for a knock out effect go for something that will send the smoke straight to your lips, so a spoon or chillum. If you're looking for smoothness in a non-water system go for a sherlock or anything with lots of bends and turns. This also avoids(difinitively doesnt stop) ash flying in your mouth.
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    SGW (Stone GlassWorks)


    Or Illy w/built-in glass screen (Illadelph)

  5. Spoons are probably the most popular dry piece.
  6. Spoon>Chillum>Steamroller>Sherlock>Hammer
  7. Illy w/built-in glass screen (Illadelph)
    is perfect for youb
    SGW (Stone GlassWorks) is also good
    but first one benifits you much

  8. Yeah, that bowl is really, really nice. When you light it, the flame kind of wraps around the outside and works it self in. When it comes to how flames and fire work, that glassblower really knows his shit. Nice to look at too. ;) Not cheap though.
  9. gotta vote spoon. i love packing some dank ass bud into one of my spoons, awesome flavor and a pretty straight up smoke.
  10. how much did the swg run u ? might go with the illy tho
  11. Id have to say Sherlocks are my favorite. Then spoons and chillums.
  12. no mention of the incredibowl?
  13. a dry pipe vs a wet pipe is how its typically labeled. its all up to you dude, personal preference. for me the only dry pieces i really enjoy hitting are long ones.

    and i find incredibowls to be incredibly gay
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    Seriously, i would get a bub. I use mine dry some of the time and it's still great.
  16. I would say a spoon with your favorite sports team logo. They have them at my LHS
  17. I second the helix recommendation.
  18. I'm assuming these are on alt? I looked but only seen the pink illadelph spoon and i do not want that. I've been looking to invest in a nice glass spoon.. PM me some links
  19. A Hammer is nice. And make sure the carb comes out of the side a little ways. I don't like flush carb holes. Just my preference tho.

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