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best joint rolling machines on the block?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cosimo, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. yo folks

    unfortunately due to excessive drug abuse these days i shake a bit when rolling a joint

    anyone got recommendations for really good spliff rollings machines??

    i have bought a couple but they sucked

    many thanks
  2. zig zag cigarette roller
  3. i have had the zig zag before. aint so great

    i want perfection! haha. nah but seriously there must be better options?

    thanks anyway man
  4. zig-zag for the win.
    i bought another one, it broke.

    zig-zag machines take a lot to break them in, and once you do, get a new one.
    its not near as tight once you use the machine for months.
  5. lol oops i didnt see the shaking part
  6. any other devices used to roll sick spliffs?? i usually use other humans. i cant go with the zig zag again guys
  7. my fingers.
  8. look i have an illness, this is serial!! haha. its a combination of lazyness and the shaking. mdma and 10 years of smoking evil skunk cant have done me any favours. paranoid wreck and such. i aint going to stop though fuck that

    i cant believe we can figure out if theres life on mars by sending drones and yet nobody has perfected the rolling machine yet! wasted monies. technology chiefs should be on the case. zig zag sucks. dang!!
  9. you can get electric rollers idk how good they work
  10. my bad.

    I never really noticed any rolling machines being any more advanced then the next one.

    I would just go down to your local headshop and talk to them.
  11. ditto.

  12. Your illness is a "combination of laziness and shaking"? Dude thats epic.

    I would try a Vape then. With your severe laziness and tremors a vaporizer would be ideal. You wouldn't have to worry about lighters or rolling. Whatever roller you decide to get, look for a table top roller. They seem to last longer.
  13. ive got a RAW rolling machine, got it for like 3 bucks. works perfectly
  14. unless you got a disease that has somethin to do with your hands you should be rollin them yourself!!
  15. What are you talking about e20dylan? He has a serial :confused: (serious) illness....... Laziness.
  16. there are some that you just put it the tobacco and a bunch of empty cig tubes and it rolls them for you...

    i'm sure you can just put in ground buds, right?
  17. I'd be seirously embarrased if I fucked myself up bad enough with drugs that I couldn't even roll a joint. Who knows what my brain is going to be like in ten years, lord knows I certianly did my fair share of xanax.. well and your share, and her share.. haha.
  18. Top Cigarette Rolling Machine. Cost me $2.50, rolls picture perfect joints. The only problem is it won't work when you first get it unless you get lucky. You have to break it in for a little while. After that it will be your best friend. It can only roll cigarette-length joints though.
  19. i have a zen roller that my boy gave me, it rolls nice j's when im too lazy to flip one myself, juicy blunt rollers are good, and if you want something to roll king papers get a rizla rolling machine, any one of them should be $2-3
  20. I use a Zen machine too.

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