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best jobs with a GED

Discussion in 'General' started by MotaVerde, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. right now im working a piece of shit job at $7.25 an hour an there only giving me 30 hours a week, which is actually fine by me because said shit job is the most exhausting mentally and physically job ive ever had, and ive had alot of shit jobs. anyway. all i got is a ged, an ive never went to college, i also have no special skills. what are some of the best jobs i can get right here right now?
  2. Keep your job.
    you'll be lucky if you find another one (Depending on where you live)
    In California, if you lose your job, well good luck finding a job anytime soon.

    For a GED the only way you're going to make yourself out of something is by either:
    Making your way up through hard work in your company.
    Finding something you're EXTREMELY skilled at.
    Something that nobody wants to do.
  3. im not trying to quit my job, im trying to find another one an work that one. this shit is killing me. im always tired an im sometimes too broke to even afford a phone. i need a different job.
  4. sit online with a guitar and learn to play in a couple days. sit on street corners dressed like a hipster with a hat and make money on the corner!
    I'm about to go do that with my 12 string soon if I don't get a job.
  5. you should have finished high school, the traditional way.
  6. Start applying at other places and tell them you would just need to give notice before starting. Personally I appreciate being told that someone has to fulfill a commitment at their current job before changing because generally, I can assume I will receive the same respect if they choose to leave.

    No harm in applying. If you land something then great. If not, well at least you know this is your only option for now.
  7. salad tosser
  8. I don't wanna sound like a dick, but maybe you should have thought about this before you dropped out of hs.
  9. you guys have been no help at all. a GED is basically the same thing as a high school diploma.

    im looking for recommendations on fields or specific jobs that pay more than minimum wage that i can apply for that will hire me. i have good contacts and a decent resume.
  10. go to college and we can talk more
  11. I know what GED is, and it sounds like you do too. Apply for jobs that only requires a high school education...
  12. do you expect me to starve to death or live in a homeless shelter while enrolled? y'all are a really judgmental, stupid group of stoners.
  13. no, just sayin'

    i make 4x more than anyone with a high school diploma, and i'm only 21

  14. But you did want some sympathy from these judgmental stupid stoners? No?

  15. What did ya get a degree in man?
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    Thanks captain hindsight!
  17. What kinds of jobs have you worked and what tasks were given to you?
  18. Take out loans and go to college. You can apply for stafford and perkins government loans. You should also get on food stamps and welfare for the time being, seeing as this isn't working out for you too well. If your credits fucked and your already in debt you blew that chance I guess.
  19. Working in restaurant kitchens is pretty fun...I do it to make cash money on the side (in college). It's pretty easy to get promoted, you just have to work with them for awhile...It's a pretty fun place to work though. Fast paced, tough, but satisfying. And you can learn some tastilicious recipes. And they rarely, if ever, drug test. And I've found a lot of cooks in the food industry smoke weed or are totally chill with it.

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