Best Job to have when High!!

Discussion in 'General' started by mt5harvest, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Here is a job you can be happy earning with while being HIGH!:bongin:
    It's like a video game! :D

    Currency Investing at NO COST!! Trade FOREX for FREE!! Learn while you EARN!!
    Generate capital as you practice your strategies.

    That's right, earn $.20 cents a post as you train on demo accounts!!
    Use the money earned from posting as your initial no deposit investment.

    Get bonus for your posts! :wave:

    We are glad to announce about start a new campaign by MT5 trader portal in partnership with InstaForex Company. "Bonus for posting" is an incentive program for the forum members. We will give 20 US cents for each your post*. By the totals of a month the most active forumers will be getting bonus to a trading account with InstaForex. Profit from bonus can be withdrawn without any limits.

    All details are available here.

    Bonuses for communication at Forex Forum
    This forum is created by traders for traders and is meant for deriving of profit. However, each post at the Forex forum gives its author a forex bonus, which can be used in Forex trading at the account opened with one of the forum's sponsors. This small gift is presented with the aim to reward professional traders for spent time at our forum.

    We appreciate your choice of Forex forum as a platform for communication.

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