Best iPhone apps for weedsmokers

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  1. I was about to get a iPhone and was wondering what everyones favorite iPhone apps are, and which one they use most frequently, and the best apps when your high, or have saved/helped you when baked out of your mind. This is assuming you have a iPhone, of course...
  2. I have had my iphone for a bout two months. Def get the following
    1The Weather Channel app that tells info about the waether
    3. Flight control
    4 Cro Mag
    5 ZombieVille
    -Nuff said.
  3. I don't know if it'd be possible and I don't have an iPhone, but it would be sick if they could make a scale app. Make the touch pad weight sensitive or something.
  4. a scale app might be possible on the blackberry click screen as long as they made it sensitive enough to pic up minor pressure.
  5. haha dude every stoner that read this is thinking "what the hell is an iPhone app" lol maybe not but shit realisticly you think stoners have iPhones? We all know pot heads cant save money for shit.

  6. what kind of generalization is that, brosef ...
  7. Wow a scale app that shit is bad ass that would be very helpful and you wouldnt have to carry around a scale all the fuckin time. But then again your whole screen would be covered in keif lol.

  8. Yea.

    Thats a great way to attempt to change the general public's idea of people who smoke marijuana.
  9. need to get Imob.
  10. douchesickle.
  11. I see SOOOO many fucking people who smoke weed and own iphones, a lot of importatnt/wealthy/smart/succesful people smoke the herb.
    Ive got an iphone, but no apps. i heard about an app called Ispliff its kinda like the app that looks like your drinking beer, that could possibly be entertaining.
  12. well theres always the zippo app for both iPhones and the iPod Touch, basically u have zippos with different designs on em, when you flick the iphone itself the zippo flicks open and then flick your thumb across the screen to light it. May sound cheesy but you'd be surprised how entertaining it is when you're stoned :smoking:
    I literally sat there in class for about an hour with my friend's iTouch tryin all the different designs, i even saw some stoner at a metal concert with one since he didnt have a lighter to hold up haha :hello:
  13. I have an iPhone as well, definatly get the Police Scanner app, it has alot of police frequencies on it so you can hear the cops, but it's highly unlikely that it will have your area/town unless you live in a big city or a popular place, although its defiantly worth a try as even some unpopular places are scanned and uploaded to the internet for the Police Scanner app users.
  14. there IS a scale app. I've seen videos of it. Look it up, its probably on youtube or something. Also, this is good for people who transport in their cars with scales because now you dont have to have the worry of intent to sell if you weight it with a phone:p
  15. man ppl need to calm the fuck down and stop callin him a douche or watevr
    Its a dam JOKE!
    do u think ppl went 'Wat a douche' when Dave Chappelle made black jokes?? (note to self, watch DVDs)
  16. The scale app (Jailbreak only) is very inaccurate, works like a balance but is shotty, therefore it is useless to us.
  17. When the App store first opened we tried to research on how to convert certain parameters to output in weight (grams), but using the iPhone's accelerometer technology it isn't possible to be satisfactorily accurate.

    But that blackberry idea is a good one...
  18. my friend has iShotgun app. Its sick, we were booted driving around and blastin shot gun shots off in the car speakers haha it was so funny. He also has a app that you can use a lightsaber and when you move the iphone it moves like a lightsaber. its illlll
  19. Tetris
    cube runner
    IPOD hahah

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