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Discussion in 'General' started by cheebaa, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Hello City,
    I have just purchased a handy piece of equipment- A cigarette roller. This makes joints so easy and no fear of them burning all messed up (or not at all). I was not a bad hand roller but I found out it sucks when you go fishing an bring one joint with you- and it doesn't burn right. I suggest getting a roller
  2. My joints usually burn better hand rolled then with a roller. Ive never used a roller though, Jus other people have when im too fucked up too roll.

    But shit, I dont smoke much joints, Its all bout them Swishers.
  3. you ARE a bad joint roller if you can't roll a joint that burns good.

  4. wtf??? theres always a chance that it may not burn right. I'll admit I'm not a pro at rolling, but I don't consider myself bad, just some burn better than others. Theres never been a joint I couldn't finish smoking
  5. lol my bad i thought you meant sometimes you roll joints that wont burn or w.e thats why you needed the roller.

  6. Ever heard of a joint 'runnin'. You can definitly roll a joint that doesnt smoke too good, weither its too loose, too tight, or too moist

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