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  1. Hi, I need a quick and simple answer. I just switched to direct TV from time Warner Cable. I still have the twc Internet and want to switch to something that can bundle with direct TV or something. I live in Northeast Ohio (Avon) and want good, fast, reliable provider. I've noticed SERIOUS bottleneck issues just after I switched to Dtv. I pay for 15mbps and I'm now getting under 1 download. The million dollar question is, what Internet service is the best to pair with direct TV in my location? Thanks
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    Did you think that you wouldn't by switching to a provider whose name has TV in it?
  3. Why don't you just get a bundle deal from direct TV? Did they not offer you internet service when you switched?
  4. they did but they weren't good deals. I decided to just sick with twc Internet by upgraded to 30Mbps. Pretty good so far
  5. How many Mbps are you getting out of 30 on
  6. That is about average, haven't seen it go lower than 25. It goes over 30 also. With 5Mbps upload

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