Best inside jokes are made when we're high *Share With Us*

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  1. So like the title says, the best inside jokes with your buds are made when your high, I don't care who you are or who your friends with. If you smoke weed, and you have friends, you are bound to have a funny inside joke that was made when you where high with your them. Let's hear your inside jokes and how they came to be when you where high. Here's mine...

    Well after smoking with my friend we where sitting outside and it was one of those sleepy schwag highs, but it was still alright, so I get off the phone after talking to another friend and there's a big pause and I just yell out in a "gangster" voice "'EY MAN... FUCK YO' LEGS!!!" and as stupid as it was it was pretty funny at the time.

    Well enough of this wall of words, share your Inside Jokes that you and your friends still laugh about when you where high :wave:;)
  2. You know how when you're high, you can be chatting about shit with your also stoned friends but you never mention directly something like "yooo i'm so baked right nowww" even though you're thinking it?

    To signify that, we just make eye contact with another friend in the circle and mouth without saying it above a whisper "..the fuuuuuuuuckkk....."

    It never fails to make someone crack up in the middle of saying something.
  3. I always thought the point of inside jokes was that not everyone knew them. So why go and tell everyone my inside jokes? That just defeats the purpose of the term.
  4. I would tell you if I could remember right now, but i'm pretty fucked up and that's not possible

  5. Buddy, It's an online forum. An inside joke isn't supposed to be like a dark secret :rolleyes:
  6. No real story here, but that 'angry eggplant' avatar is one of the best things I've seen for a week.
  7. It's from Courage the Cowardly Dog, right?

    That was a great fucking show.
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    I dunno if you would consider them jokes but me and my 2 best friends have certain things we always say and other people think are dumb but they're funny to us.

    Here's a list of some of the things we always say:

    * ishna cocoa butter (eesh-na-co-co-butter) - not exactly sure where the hell this came from but its so funny to us.

    * biscuit (or bisc for short) - something me and 1 of my friends always call eachother. sometimes we take it too far and if we're making fun of someone we'll tell them that there a soggy burnt biscuit or something stupid like that.

    * "is (insert name here) a feesh?" then someone replies in a loud retarded yell "yaaaaahhhh" - my friend got this from his 3 year old niece. he kept saying that to her one night and it was hilarious when she would say "yahh".

    * "i'm d'd (in a high pitched voice) - we got this from a group of friends that me and my friend hang out with. it just means that you're fucked up. and when one person says it everybody else that knows about the joke always says it too. sometimes it turns into a competition to see who can say it the loudest.

    * ending a sentence with the words "wit it" - we got this from one of our old dealers. everytime we'd go to him he'd be like "wuts good wit it?" and then we'd ask for a sack or wutever and he'd say "fo sho wit it"

    * oogly boogly (or oog for short)- this ones fairly new like 2 weeks ago. we're not racist at all but the other day my friend was talking about a black guy and called him an oogly boogly. i have a multi-racial group of friends and we're all comfortable enough to make fun of eachothers race and not get offended.

    * "i wood like twa by a zamburger" - if you've seen the pink panther you know this.

    there's so many more that i cant think of right now.
  9. That was an awesome show. I bet he smoked a lot of bud. That's why he was paranoid.

    Anyways, I'm not really sure if we have many inside jokes. We usually just bring up something funny that happened during another session.
  10. We all smoked in this kids backyard and after that we went inside to watch a movie but we were all hungry so we started looking around for food and found cheese and nacho chips so we put some cheese on em and heat it up and we would have nachos. But one kid was making them and the other goes "and even more cheese!" and he got up and to make a whole speach saying AND EVEN MORE CHEESE in a pretty funny voice and we just cracked up for ever

  11. Yes and Yes.

    That show was so great back in the day, and not like your shitty cartoons nowadays. I don't know what happened but all the great cartoons are now deceased :mad:

    alright... well just to keep my own thread back on topic, I'll give another inside joke of mine:

    So one of my friends got mugged by this one guy a really long time ago, this guy was truly was the definition to the word "loser". He had no job, he slept in a shopping center, and had a girlfriend and a child. He got his money by pretending to sell bud and mugging youngsters. So yeah, like I said he mugged my friend and stole $30 from him (haha). So for the next couple of weeks my friend was always freaked to go places becuase he was scared he'd come in contact with the guy again, and whenever we where he he would always be like "....Shit.... shit guy's, I think that's Phat James (that was the guy's name)" And he would think alot of people where Phat James. So after he finaly got over it whenever we where out in public high or walking or whatever we'd always say "Shittttttt man, It's phat Jamesssss man" in a real stonerish voice.
  12. Not really a joke but a me and my main group of friends started doing this, we have a friend named will whos pretty shy so whenever where in a public area baked one of us will call out really loudly, "Will! Will!" And then all of us start taking it up and he trys too ignore us hahah
  13. The Frankie Jr. Joke:

    The "Posse" as we called ourselves, consisted of stoners who had a huge intrest in Performance cars. I had my 73 Muscle Truck, my buddy a Lifted and tuned Ford Ranger, and our other friend, has a 07 Subaru Impreza STI.

    We had a couple other guys in the group, that didnt work, they were just lazy moochers, but we hung with them. One of those, were Frankie.

    Frankie would smoke all your shit, bum your cigs, and at the end of the night, jack your lighter, which made everyone flip out, especially at 3 am and nothing around for ignition.

    One night, on the way home from work, I stopped at 7-11 and bought red, white and blue lighters, for USA (YAY :) ). I went home, and my buddy was already baking, so I joined in, and Frankie and the click showed up.

    5 am came, and Frankie rolled out. Me and my bud were rooming, so we stayed, and was about to bake again, when we couldnt find a lighter. I was like WTF?

    So I called Frankie, and I said "You fucker, whats in your pockets?", he replied "Umm, some gum, and a couple lighters", I said "What colors are they, man?" he replied "Ummm, a blue one, a red one, and hold on, a white one."

    I made him drive all the way back to my house to return them.

    So now when someone borrows a lighter, and doesnt return it immidiatly, I call the a "Frankie Jr."
  14. Me and my friend enjoy speaking Marklar. to any viewers of south park they may know what this is.
  15. ill show you the joke but i wont tell you the meaning behind it

  16. Lets go visit FRED!!

    this became my friends and i catchphrase to talk in code about smoking weed, and the place we are gunna go blaze friend zach and i were rolling up a dutch in our local graveyard when we see a cop cruiser pull into the place..we are fairly far away and we get out to avoid suspicsion..we walk to the nearest grave which read "Fred Pulaski Great Friend and Father"

    then we mourned our fallen friend fred, and lamented how much we missed fred the stoner..lmao
  17. i have a tendency to say things in an angry manner...and i dont mean to..

    one time i asked my friend to put my bong back on the shelf and i said it in my angry and not meaning it way...and now everyone busts me saying "PUT IT BAAAACK!"

    lol i think its funny at least..

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