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  1. Hey there,

    Living with a roommate and I enjoy smoking my MJ. I've got a pipe but can only use it outside when she's not home and winter is coming. I've been looking into getting a pocket vape, but one of my local headshops sells one for like $200 CAD which is a bit out of my price range being in college and being broke as fuck. I've also looked into getting a Magic Flight Launch Vape, which I hear good things. It's $100 (US I assume) so I've just got a few questions.

    Can they deliver to Canada?
    How long would delivery take?
    Any personal experiences/reviews?
    Any other vapourizer suggestions?
    I'm on a tight budget, but hell, my 19th is coming up in a little over a month and I'd like a nice present :p
  2. I ordered mine from puffitup. Got here the same speed as anything else does from the states, about a week. It hits nice, and works awesome, get yourself a couple extra batteries though.

    Does your roommate know you smoke? If not, how sure are you that they're anti pot?
  3. My roomie knows that I smoke, she doesn't care that I do as long as it's not inside so we don't get kicked out or anything. But I figure if I have a vape, then it wouldn't matter. She doesn't smoke pot, never has and I don't know if she ever would. "When your parents do something, it kind of ruins the fun for you" is what she said, plus she's in the army. How long does the battery last? I was reading that it's only good for like 4-8 tokes for 20 seconds each so.... yeah. What about the quality of tokes?
  4. well...i have a suggestion, but not that i think it's the best one
    but probably the cheapest one....i got the Vap Bong thru GC here, this past summer

    it does work pretty well...once you get the hang of it, but you really need to have alot of lighter fluid on have it be your sole piece of smoking equip.....uses alot of fluid to keep thing hot and have to clean it quite alot as well

    but on the cheap note of things, i think i spend around 55 bucks or so after shipping and all, and it came within 7 days

    good luck :smoke:
  5. I get 7 or 8 quality tokes out of my mflb before the battery dies. It conserves weed extremly well and there is no smell. I've used it in a truck and the passengers in it said they smelt nothing. I can make and eigth of schwag last a week in it.

  6. TONS. Do a search.
  7. Just bought one from Blissville, it shipped to Canada in 2 weeks. Buy it, you won't be disappointed.
  8. ^what he said.

    Best investment I ever made, that's for sure.
  9. Definitely get the launch box, you will be very happy with the purchase
  10. Pretty sure vaporizers .ca sells the MFLB as well.
  11. I know nothing of the canadian shipping questions, but all i can say is.... if you arent looking for a table top vape, the launch box is the best shit since sliced bread man
  12. Thats stupid reasoning on her part, if things are only fun when your parents don't do them first, then I don't know how I ever enjoyed going to Barbados, or how I ever enjoyed 99% of things in life. Whatever, its her loss. Not sure about the canadian army and drug testing, should probably figure that out because I'm interested in joining the reserves.

    A fully charged battery gets me through 2 fairly full trenches, i sometimes need to slowdown my hits on the last couple hits of a trench, but it still works. It hits really nice, especially on a full battery, if you're hitting it properly you'll get nice thick vapor hits.
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  14. literally the best 100$ i have ever spent in my life. get the mlfb asap

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