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  1. I am looking to start my first grow in the next couple of weeks. Just planning on 2 or 3 plants in a grow tent. I ordered some bubblelicious from Nirvana earlier this week.

    I have been reading about all of the different sorts of lighting and I would like to purchase an LED light, but they are a bit pricey. My husband and I plan on buying a house at the beginning of the year, so saving money for the move is the goal. Despite that, I thought it would be nice to grow my own stash beforehand. What lights are good for yielding a decent amount that aren't $200 and up? Also, how many bulbs would be good for 2 or 3 plants?
  2. Are you planning on any ventilation for your tent?

    IMO, they might be a bit expensive, but you can't do better for yield/price than a HID setup. Check out amazon, they got some good deals there.

    What are the dimensions of your tent?
  3. 48"X 24"X 60" from walmart.

    Haven't decided what kind of ventilation yet, but it will have some for sure.
  4. For something like that I'd run a 400-600 mh/HP's switchable system. Electricity will cost 30-40 a month depending on wattage and the area you live in and whether you run it 18/6 or 24/0.

    You can find complete set ups on amazon for 120-170 dollars. (Ballast, hood, bulbs, timer)

    If you get the 400w, that puts you at 50w/sq ft. More than enough to keep 2-3 plants happy.

    That and an inline fan/carbon filter and you'll be in a good position.
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    I use about 300w of CFLs, theres a lot less heat than a HPS or MH light and you can get the same results. You can get better light coverage with more bulbs anyways
    They're pretty cheap too, I use 12, 23w CFLs with a 2700k color temp
  6. You can get close to the same results, if you have a good amount of experience.

    Honestly, there's only 2-3 blades in here I would say do better with CFLs than I do with my HID.
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    You can get the same results without experience. My first grow produced better results than a lot of HPS grows I've seen
    No experience :(
  8. Then I'd call you the exception, not the rule.

    Are you kidding? Lol, do you even see all the cfl grows around here? 90% of em are bumbling idiots who don't want to research anything or even put in the time and effort to know what to buy.

    I stand by my original statement. :wave:
  9. If you actually care about what you're doing and have good genetics, invest a little money and you can get really good results. You cant judge all CFL results on some lazy ass kids trying to grow
  10. I never did. I called you an exception, because, in my experience growing and lurking on this forum, the average person who uses a HID setups seems to do better than the average cfl grows I've seen.
  11. Congratulations kid! You gotta green thumb!

    Most people don't.
  12. Seriously though, that is a pretty bud.
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    Haha thanks man, Its girl scout cookies so it naturally gets that crystally. I fortunately have the access to good genetics so I feel like that's a majority of why it turned out well
    Its my first grow but I did a ton of research and got some advice from a friend so I got decent results
    20140920_220526.jpg 20140930_212056.jpg 20141003_002106.jpg 20141004_093839.jpg
    Obama Kush
    20141001_011634.jpg 20141001_021324.jpg 20141001_021532.jpg
  14. I payed $115 shipped for my 1k with reflector and bulb, add another $125 or so for a fan and cool tube and for about $250 you will put any dinky CFL grow to shame.
  15. And id say a few just use CFLs for their 1oz mirror single plant grows because they do fine in that scenario. ;)
  16. What's funny is it really just proves my point. Don't get me wrong, it isn't bad looking quality wise.
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    Na, that's not funny at all, its a perfect example. I'm not knocking your grow, you did awesome for what you are working with but with better lighting you could have pulled closer to three oz per plant than one. You can believe what you want but unless hid lighting is causing heat issues it beats CFL hands down. I've tried CFL, and t5ho lights as well but it isn't the same and they certainly do not work just as well.
  18. An oz wouldn't last me a month. Like I said, I appreciate what SOME can do with cfl's,.

    Myself, I've always preferred bigger fish...
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    Says the guy with a 3oz grow and stretched spindly plants. Here is an idea, try actually using good lighting instead of reading lamps and maybe you will get a clue. You are showing your combination of pride and ignorance if you think CFL is just as good. With your CFL, and no training you wouldn't benefit from extra veg time anyway, but two bad choices do not make one of them good. Your photos also give absolutely no perspective to show actually bud size, anything looks huge when you zoom in enough. Its cool if you want to screw around with cfls, but telling new growers that they work just as well just shows that you have no idea or real experience.

    Heres my first, using a 400w hps I picked up from a pawn shop for less than $100


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