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Best Indoor Strain??????

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by pitbull420, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Ok I'm looking for a big yielding Indica dominate strain that packs a nice punch and was hoping my fellow GC members might have some suggestions... I'm currently growing D.N.A Kushberry, Tangerine Dream, Snow White, Black Jack, Papaya, Bubblicious and Blue Mystic.. With the exception of TD and KB I have grown all these strains plus Ak-48 more then once.. However I'm yet to come across a strain that has exactly what I'm looking for... KB comes close with it's rock hard buds, Kick ass high/taste and 8 week finishing time but it's really not a big yielder.. I'm thinking of Yumbolt 47, Ak-47, Serious seeds Chronic, White Russian or Sour Kush.. I really just don't want to waste my time with small yielding strains or 11 week strains like TD.. I currently have 10 TD clones I'm gonna be throwing out because honestly I wasn't impressed enough with her to justify a 11 week flowering session...Thanks in advance for any help...
  2. I've grown out all these and grow Chronic as one of my staples. Yield-wise AK and Chronic can be very good, IF you get the right plant. This is true of virtually anything. It's all in the individual, sometimes more so than the strain, itself. As a suggestion, Sweet Seeds' Green Poison yields very well and finished at 8 weeks from clone. Skunk-47, given the right plant, can be a huge yielder, as can Eva Seeds' Monster. FMS Iced Grapefruit yields big, as well.

  3. Thanks for the reply.. Don't get me wrong I have enjoyed growing and have had very good results with most every strain I mentioned above, But I've never been able to break the 3oz mark per plant that I've been striving for since I started.. Ak-48 was my biggest yielder so far at 2.5oz and was alot more airy than I'd like.. I have spent thousands to upgrade my room along with money spent on nutes and soil but still can't reach 3oz... Kb looks like she might get close but I'll have to wait another month to find out lol.. I'm really just looking for an early finishing, Big yeilding strain with dense buds and a hard couchlock high..

    Kushberry 6 weeks into flower
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  4. grandaddy purple , it's a high yeilding strain if grown right and it's a indica
  5. I'd love to to get my hands on some grandaddy purple but isn't it a clone only strain??
  6. i had a friend who broke a 3oz before but it was alot of LST.... and it took him awhile to grow
  7. 2.5 oz a plant???? im hoping to get double, tripple that, surely the pic of that plant in the scrog grow will yield a lot more than 2.5 oz ???
  8. Obviously for the best indoor plant to grow it has to adhere to certain features;
    Indica, so heavy
    Short flower
    Mould resistant

    So from my growing experience (5years) probably sensi seeds "super skunk" is probably the winner Pulled 22oz from a 1.2m tent under a 600w. Though it's too strong for me and the taste isn't up my street, for production and growing it's simple!
  9. Citral is extremely easy indoor plant to grow. It's a short very bushy plant, and fairly strong. Average around 17% thc. Also if smell is a issue as it is with most indoor grows, this plant has a refreshing air freshener smell. Mold resistant, and handles over and under watering well. I killed the one I'm growing 3 times, and its still looking nice just 25 days into 12/12. I nuts burned it 20 days into veg, it went into ph lock out about 32 days in (ph was at 4.2), and I didn't water it for 10 days, and it was all brown just 3 days into 12/12. I have several other really nice strains I've been taken care of and just sort of let the citral go, but its a strong plant. I've posted pics of it before, but here it is just 21 days into 12/12. It's much bigger now, I highly suggest this for any indoor growing rookie.

  10. 5-7.5 oz per plant indoor? Well maybe if you're doing trees in a multi KW vertical setup with a 2-3 month veg time....
  11. No the KushBerry in the scrog only yielded 1.75 ounces dry.. I think I would have got
    2oz's bud I took a few samples lol... This was my best yielding plant so far and it only produced about 2.5 maybe 2.75oz's..


    I Might just have to give it a try!! Here's the list I got Right now: Yumbolt47, Jack47, Kandy Kush, Sensi seeds Shiva skunk, LA woman, Sour Kush, Critical mass and Og kush.. I know the OG Kush isn't a big yielder but she packs one hell of a punch..

    U talking about Bulldog seeds Citral Skunk???
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    I don't know what your lights but Sourkush(headband) agood plant for me got 3.6 oz per plant with a 1000 watt HPS and a Co2 bucket super tight rock hard nugs that puts anyone who smokes it into acoma. I stopped growing it because I needed a day time strain but pull some out of my deep frezer stash for spec oca still have about 9oz left. Just took an oz out for the 4th of july weekend. Like I said just don't smoke this unless you have nothing to do all day.
  13. Boss are you talking about reserva privadas sour kush?

  14. Yeah I've seen a few people post extreme yields 5-6ozs but when you see the pics there's no way there getting close to that.. The pic I posted above of the Ak-48 looks like I pulled atlease 3.5 off her but I keep it real lol.. It would be nice to get 7 ounces off 1 plant indoors though wouldn't it.. I have 6 plants going in my flowering room and only pull around 10 to 12oz's every 2 months give or take depending on strain...
  15. Thats what I like to hear!!! Great yields and a coma I think I just found a winner lol!!! I'm running 1 600 watt lamp right now but I'm thinking of picking up one more for the winter.. I'm also thinking of running co2 soon but still have to look into it..
  16. I am growing some Afgooey-G13 and it is quite a producer so far. It was first to show flowers when I switched the lights as well as continuing to stack height on the buds 5 weeks in. Got the strain from a buddy in CO. It is a great final product and is pretty good on mold. I had thrips but some neem oil killed that problem. Good luck finding exactly what you want man.
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    I have already purchased them. I popped three seeds two have shown above the surface. I love the heavy narcotic high. A there on there first set of leaves. I also have an armageddon Fem seed going. What was your total flower time? Was it finicky with nutes? Haven't found much out there on this specific strain which was one of the reasons I chose it and the 8 wk flower time attitude said.
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    Oops forgot the pic. Like I said I posted a pic of this plant on another thread. But this is it today, I just took this. And as you can see from my above post, its a good strain.
    @pitbull, no its the main strain in a lot of breeds including citral skunk, only a few seed banks offer it. It's just citral.

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    Wow far too much leaf for me lol hate trimming loads of leaf :p
    Also bro looks like you may have some salt toxicity on those leaves? Look at my journal pics from day 21 etc for grapefruit... Now that's a good strain lol

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