Best Indoor Growing Method for Huge Single Plant Yields

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  1. After doing alot of research I have found some of the best equipment out there and the reasons for this. Anyone with a little money to blow may want to consider investing in some of the items discussed here.
    There are five main points to this method: light, nutes, strain, hydro, and scrog. Using hydro you can harvest larger yields far more often- a no-brainer for anyone looking for yield.The system should be DWC but the model does not matter to much. the Undercurrent looks good but maybe a DIY single site aero bucket would be best. Next, when choosing nutes be careful not to mix up your N-P-K ratios. you want mainly nitrogen in the veg stage but more of the other 2 for flowering. you also should get a calcium+magnesium supplement and a root booster like Rhizotonic. When choosing your strain, there are alot of potentially viable options. but look for the highest yield and potency you can while maintaining an 8 week flower time (if you are willing to go higher, go ahead, but i like 8 weeks because when you do it with a five week veg that works out to 4 harvests a year). A strain i have been looking at for quite some time is Big Bang 2 which has good yield and potency. Scrogging is also essential because when done properly it ensures all your buds are exposed to maximum light for maximum development. When you grow a plant "Christmas tree" style, the bottom branches get less light and as a result the buds from those branches are inferior. In other words- only your crown bud grows to be nice and frosty while the rest is yielding far less than it could be and of bad bud. By scrogging, all your buds develop to their full potential. Read LBH's scrog tutorial for a good idea of how to do it. The last and most important factor is the lighting. Traditional measurements of lumens and degrees K are completely irrelevant when trying to figure out the true power and spectrum of your lights. You should instead be viewing spectral graphs for any light you are interested in and look to see what wavelengths  of color it ouputs . 
    The colored portion of this graph shows you what light is most useful to cannabis plants. When looking for grow lights you want the graph it shows to look like this one (obviously minus the HPS and plasma comparisons). The best lights I have found so far are the Diamond Series LED panels since they give not only good red and blue but also some in the green-orange range  which is still needed for plant growth. If you were to use these lights in conjunction with a Far-red supplemental light (which you turn on for five minutes after lights out) you would get your biggest yield yet of your best bud ever. The Far Red light mimics the effect of the sunset and reduces the time the plant takes to switch into its dark period. When you just turn off the lights it is a shock to the plant and so it takes a little while to adjust and recognize it is now in the dark. As a result your, say, 12 hour dark period, is now effectively 10 hrs. This sacrificed time in the dark period ends up making your bud worse than it could be since alot of kief,resin, and hair development happens during the dark period. Adding the far red light reduces that delay from about 2 hours to only a few minutes, meaning you get more development each night.

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