Best indoor grow tent?

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  1. im shopping 4 a tent and i need something thats not gonna leak any light in or out.. are the ones on ebay any good? or are there specific brands i should look at? thanks!
  2. what kind of space do you have?

    do you have any plans for hydro or soil?

    have you thought about lights?

    just want some basic info. about what you are trying to do
  3. here are some things to check out as possibilities.

    have you considered a grow box?
    if so the supercloset comes equipped with everything you need to start a grow
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    otherwise a good tent for cheap (im assuming) would be the Homebox
  4. im growing usually around 2-4 plants at a time in soil under cfl's, i just need a better spot to keep them as my makeshift grow spot im using now is kinda wack.. lol... also im plannin on hookin up my 150w hps later on aswell.
  5. I think growing in a grow box is much easier than a tent because it comes with all the equipment you need already installed and working unlike a tent. Just check out this Google search for some prebuilt grow boxes you might like...

    grow box - Google Search
  6. man that thing is SOOOOOOOO overpriced & can be made much cheaper at a fraction of that
  7. When you cannot find a price for an item or the price of the item is not right next to the thing in question you know they are preparing you for a shock. Get a suitable tent and save yourself some dosh.
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    I dunno $2000 ain't so bad for a complete perpetual system for the mechanically declined if it works perfect..

    I can drop 1k on a smaller setup just as easy and then have to do it all myself.

    Depends on who you are I guess. Not everyone can "carve up" a "Rumple Bucket" in a matter of minutes like some folks can.
  9. Also, remember every tent I've ever seen lets light OUT, it just doesn't let light IN. Even highly reflective tents will still leak light out. This makes it so you can't have a 24 hour light in a tent next to your flowering plants. Just thought I would share that with you.

    As far as finding a suitable tent, I've gotten mine from HTGsupply, and you can also find quality products on eBay. Most are from reputable hydro companies, and are private auctions.
  10. I have made a tent out of a regular pallet; usually 3x4 or 4x4 or so with 2x4s at each corner, and a plywood deck, covered in black and white, you can tailor the inside to your needs, lights, etc. velcro or zipper doors work for the opening
  11. I bought a 4x4x6.5 off ebay for 80 delivered, used it my whole flower cycle and its the shit, couldnt be happier. bought it from gyosuppliers
  12. The Silver Edition from Hydrohut is, hands down, the highest quality tent I have dealt with. I have not used every brand though.
  13. well Quality and cost are two different things to me now...since i keep getting outstanding quality goods from ( supposed ) mid quality products....I went to my local hydro store and looked at the Hydro Hut models they had noticed the quality of the stitching and noticed the how durable the material felt...then i looked at the price tag and :eek: $299 for a 2x4x7 size...also took a look at the other brands they had. all relatively the same price...and then i checked ebay and found one for $90 bucks so i got it...and now that i have seen both tents up close and personal..i can tell you i didn't notice a damm difference...the material was the same...the light proof guarantee was the same...and it was basically the same tent except for the intake and outake placements...give ebay a try people..just becuase it has a bigger price tag on it doesn't always mean its better :D
  14. That one weed speaks the truth, got mine for $82 delivered, went to the hydro store and they wanted $279 for the same exact tent. The EXACT same tent.

  15. actually these are hard to work with unless you know what you are doing...just because it comes in a kit does not make it easy to grow...mj is a plant that requires serious care and love:hello:
  16. ya well if you become friends with your store guy he can usually get you one at a deal.. lol.. i got my 4x6 tent off my store guy, its a silver edition hut, and let me tell you what i paid 200 for it and i didnt hgave to worry about shipping hassels, tears and what not, plus if anything goes wrong he will replace it for free try getting that deal on the net!!! oh ya btw the quality of the tenst is amazing and i have the jardine, and the growlab.. just my h.o.
  17. I think he was referring to the grow box compared to the tent...i also run a Tent i bought locally from a hydro was actually his old one.. 2x4x7.5 for $200...the tents are the way to go...especially for beginners because the grow boxes require more attention to details with such a small operation it is easier to mess up
  18. amazon has tents too, but also from gyo, like jaysew said. I also got a fan and filter combo from them too. been 9 months and still works great.

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