best indicas for newby DWC

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by n.e crippler, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. what's up everyone. I was wondering if anyone knew of some good strains that'll work well for my first hydro grow. I'm using 2, 6 plant hydro wizards. I'm using two air pumps to each reservoir. Hanging overhead i'd be using a sunleaves 1,000 watt hps. Anyway, i kind of had my mind made up on getting BOG's bogbubble. It has a flowering time around 50 days. this is my first indoor grow so i would like a hardy strain that will definently pay off in the end. I've had experience smoking bog's strains, but never growing, but if it tastes anything like what i smoked, i'll be very pleased. Anyone know of anyother strains (include breeders) that'll work well in DWC? Also has anyone ever grown using the dwc method? I want to do it this way because obviously it is my first time and this is the cheapest method i can go. I'll also be using general hydroponics fertilizers so keep that in mind when recommending a strain. Anyone who can help, it would be appreciated. Be blessed.

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