Best immortal technique song?

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  1. list some of you're favorites besides dance with the devil, peruvian cocaine, harlem streets.

    btw I just downloaded the big L compilation (torrent) and it's fucking great
  2. rockin' The Prophecy on my myspace right now
    but every immortal technique song is raw as fuck
  3. i thought of this the other day, and i seriously cant come up with a favorite. he's just amazing. I couldnt pick just one out and not shower the others with praise. love his work. sadly enough these days we have people running around talking about how they are the "king" or "the best rapper alive" or what have you, and then you have artists like immortal that are amazing yet dont get the attention they deserve.
  4. Leaving The Past or You Never Know are both really good songs by him.
  5. exactly man. ignorance gets you nowhere. underground is where its at for real.
  6. definitly skunk. but thats what happens when there are millions of people in the world that just go with the flow of mainstream rock, they hear the "new hot song" on the radio and immediatly buy the album, its a system that feeds itself. it doesnt need to be good, bad, liked or disliked, as long as its bought. sad, the music industry.
  7. I think freedom of speech is my favorite or obnoxious. Though all his stuff is good.

  8. The point of no return is a classic track/ Matter fact download the whole revolutionary vol. 2 cd you will be amazed

    And yh big L was the shiznit too bad he died way before his time. I would love to see how things would be if legends like L, Pac, and big were not murdered
  9. Everything off of Revolutionary Volume 2 except the 4th Branch. My favorites from that album are Harlem Streets, Peruvian Cocaine, Obnoxious, Cause of Death, and One Remix.

    Everything off of The 3rd World (Even Golpe De Estado, and I don't even understand it). Favorites from that album are Death March, That's What It Is, Mistakes, Hollywood Drive-by, and Reverse Pimpology.

    I'm not really a fan of Volume 1 but Positive Balance, Beef and Broccoli, and The Illest are fuckin sick. And Creation & Destruction isn't too bad either.

    The only song off of a mixtape i've heard is Caught In a Hustle and that song is amazing as well.
  10. x2! angel of death is dirrtttyy tho
  11. Payback w/ diabolic and raskass

    Or the hidden track from dance with the devil. THAT are two of the best verses i've ever heard put together on one song.

    other than that, harlem streets is really good,
  12. [ame=]YouTube - Immortal Technique - Industrial Revolution[/ame]

    and to RiskyBusiness: Why don't you like Fourth Branch? That song is sick.
  13. dominant species

    also that newish one he did with Lowkey
  14. industrial revolution. or freedom of speech.
  15. [ame=]YouTube - 15 Immortal Technique - parole (evil genius mix)[/ame]

  16. what i was gona say
  17. harlem streets or dance with the devil
  18. Im gonna have to go with peruvian cocaine. I just really like the story format it goes in with all the different characters rapping. Its different
  19. I would say for me caught in a hustle, because it made me really rethink where I was going with my life.

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