Best idea since I started!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by mtnxc, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. I dont know if anyone else does this but I just figured it out today. Anyways, my allergies are kinda flaring up so I went and got some otc allergy pills. I took one and about 30 min later I snorted a couple percocets. Im always very meticulous when I crush my pills but today it seemed like i got twice the hit. I guess opening up my sinuses really helped.
  2. I dont know what kind of allergy pills you took but as far as I know benedryl is supposed to potentiate opiates, I always take a couple before I take opiates (also prevents most of the itch) And by the way man, i wouldnt snort percs. Theyve got APAP in em which isnt very good for your nasal cavity, and it burns like fuck. But thats up to you. I know some of my friends still snort loratabs and shit even though I've told em that plenty of times.
  3. If your OTC allergy medication is any kind of anti-histamine (which it most likely was), then it wasn't opening up your sinuses... it was the anti-histamine potentiating your opiate high.
  4. Worst idea since you started, because you did something stupid like snorting a percocet
  5. Yea, I know your not supposed to snort tabs and pecs but thats the only way to get em to kick. You guys dont have to tell me that.
  6. I didnt know that about anit-histamines pickin it up. Learn good shit everyday!
  7. Eating them works fine for me. Theres no way that shit can feel nice in your nose.

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