Best idea for a diversion safe

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Millamanjaro, May 30, 2012.

  1. Diversion safes, as you probably know, are safes that are disguised as normal household objects that are actually made for storage.

    I think a really good idea for a diversion safe would be a diversion safe that looks like a jar of Nutella.

    Why is that such a good idea? Because if you hide a jar of Nutella, and someone sees it, they won't give it much attention. Nutella is so good, it's normal to hide it.

    The only downside is they may open it because they won't be able to resist its delicious chocolate goodness. Then when an eighth of weed falls out you may be in some shit. What do you guys think?
  2. I think you are damned either way if you use a Nutella jar, besides who has a Nutella jar long enough to hide it?
  3. when I build a new addition or extra room on a house, I build a two foot space between the origional wall and my new wall.. make a crafty door with no exposed hinges. when you need to leave home for a while you can put your stash and other goodies there free from thieves and prying eyes.
  4. Not really a diversion safe, your just putting weed in an empty jar...a
  5. buddy of mine had an external hard drive that was fried so he took all the insides out and kept the outer case and stashes his shit in there. he still plugs shit into it too and hangs the chords behind his computer so it looks like it's being used lol.
  6. These two work really well for me:
  7. i think its awesome how everyone who smokes weed is in love with nutella, seriously ive seen it mentioned in two other threads today
  8. awful idea since nuttela is shit someone will most likely find it and throw it way.
  9. I like the dead hard drive idea. I wouldn't make a stash out of a food container, as was pointed out someone might grab it to snack on.

    Hm. I have successfully stashed stuff in a ventilation run - though for me it was a gun and ammo not weed.

    Can you lift a floorboard? That is a classic hiding spot, as is in a bed frame. Though back in college I made a hidden spot on the back of a desk drawer that was designed to clip in so you couldn't pull it out all the way without releasing a clip on the bottom. I screwed a sucrets tin on the back panel so you could empty the drawer totally and not see a thing. I made sure the screws didn't poke into the drawer itself so you wouldn't know anything was fastened to the back panel of the drawer. It comfortably held my money stash away from the thieving bitch that the college stuck me with. Good for the stash of weed more than paraphernalia though :smoke:

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