Best idea ever? I think so

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  1. So im laying in bed high as hell and i get a boner but i really dont feel like jerkin it. Then i had a thought "what if there was a new bed that like theres a like built in pocket pussy like into the matress and you just hump the matress?"

    U thought it wa smart anyone else?
  2. Cut a hole in the mattress and insert a fleshlight.
  3. But the do it for ya hah
  4. wouldnt it be weird when you have an actual girl over and youre in bed with her and she finds your bed pussy
  5. Yeah dude because the number 1 way to get chicks is to take them back to your place and let them see the dirty old fleshlight jammed into a hole in the side of the mattress you cut with a screwdriver. :rolleyes:

    A real woman is my way.
  6. Hahaha this shit had me laughin.I imagined the girls reaction when she found it

  7. if youre lucky she willl be bisexual
  8. No u got like underthe sheet in the middle of the bed

    Bitch l never find it!
  9. :lol: gives new life to the phrase 'sleeping in your own excrement'
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  11. How do you clean it out?
  12. Pretty buzzed and I could barley read shit lol...too funny.

    Why the fuck would anyman build a fleshlight in a bed...I'd tie a girl to my bed instead.
  13. Lol dude I've thought of that before too.
  14. Haha, someone needs to get laid.
  15. What can I say, I offered a solution to his dilemma. I've never tried a fleshlight, I'm married and she puts out all I need.

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