Best Hydroponics- seed to smoke ?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by notholden', Jul 24, 2003.


What Type Of Hydroponics have you used

  1. mister

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  2. bubbler

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  3. ebb and flow

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  4. other [specify]

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  1. I've had some success w/ growin'in dirt [pot in a pot] but now my habit has steered me in the direction of hydroponics for a hopefully quicker harvest Here's the prob. Don't know which type of hydro to use ,have set up a combo mister/bubbler type system but will change if someone has had great[quick] results{under 90 days start to smoke} This just takes soo loong!But no one has any bud 4 sale round here so I'm just lucky I' ve got green fingers huh?
  2. try master kush seed in abubble bucket
  3. i like NFT or bubblers.
  4. Sorry for bein' stupid, but what 's a "NFT"?
    Ive got 6 nice lookin bag seed plants goin now [5 in pots +1 in a hydro netpot w/airstones bubblin' up a storm right under it.] All are about 8" tall in 1-1 1/2weeks.
    Time to put in some fertilizer, I think usin' ozmocote in the potted ones But not sure about the hydro set up yet suggestions are welcome,
  5. Thanks for that link, been readin' about those bubbler systems and fert recs so I can get a sweet crop by Sept.
    Nice B-day present to myself HUH? All you need to know is out there if ya look and have knowledgable people posting directions on were to start! Thanks Again, I'll smoke one in your honor!!!

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