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  1. I was wondering, in the opinion of people who grow hydroponically, what the best system would be for a 6 feet long, 4 feet wide, 5 feet tall grow room with 600 watt, possible 1000 watt if needed, would be

    Im going to have 6-12 plants growing at a a time in this room, what would you guys suggest for a hydroponic system? ebb and flow, nft, dwc, or individual bubble buckets?

    im looking for highest yielding.

    any input is much appreciated :wave:
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    This is personal preference... but I'd definately recommend individual bubble buckets. If you set it up properly and make sure you have plenty of valves to your nutrient res you can add and remove plants on a whim.

    The above is a great resource. There was another post I have just spent 15 mins looking for and can't find, if I do find it I'll edit.


    found it.

    Not perfect, but highly efficient and controllable. If this is the method you choose, I'd recommend starting a new thread to get recommendations on your growroom design/setup.
  3. For that many plants, pretty much any method chosen is going to require some serious planning and development to setup and get dialed in.

    My vote - Recirculating DWC... check out Blaze's setup over at ICMAG... very solid and modular.
  4. i have many grows in soil and in a few different hydro setups as well. also i have a bunch of cash to throw into this grow. The room I have is set for growing plants specifically. i was just wondering if any long time hydro growers had any increase in yield with a certain type of setup
  5. You get great yeilds out the Aquafarms but you have to veg em a while. Bubble buckets are very good but the setup is expensive but well worth the cost. I would go with no more than 6 plants to a 600 or 10 to a 1000 as you wont to grow them a resonable size to get your yields.

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