best hydroponic seeds for comercial yeilds.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by DonnyDave, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. what the title says,I am looking for a good indoor strain( pref Indica)that has a really heavy crop.I know some strains are breed for this reason but i am sick of trawling though the 100's of seed websites reading about different strains.
    Its so dry for bud were i live that it is not funny :(
    And i detest smoking that crap morracan hash.
    not grown in a few years but i have just dusted my grow lamps off and re-read my grow books lol, Now i just need some big PHAT yeilding seeds.
    Any help or advice is hugely appreciated
  2. The strain Chronic from Serious Seeds always pops up when talk turns to huge yielders. Skunk can yield like crazy. Northern Lights can be a huge yielder. There was one version of Sweet Tooth, I think ST#3 that had some insane yields.
  3. cheers buzb,will give em a google and check them out.
  4. Big Bud is pretty infamous as well for yielding big, although it isn't the most potent of strains (relatively of course). google that one as well if you've got the time.

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