Best household chemical or thing like that to get high off of?

Discussion in 'General' started by Beatles Fan, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. Beatles Fan tore me up more.
  2. haha i feel like i should give Beatles Fan rep for making me laugh so hard.
  3. i guess ive already made a reputation here as the village idiot. oh well that fucking dxm fucked my shit up. and in all seriousness, after i took it my dick hurt.
  4. yeah but you got a high didnt you...
  5. Did you learn a lesson about ingesting household products and how sometimes it actually is better to either be sober or just buy some damn weed? Please tell me you did...
  6. he already fucking said why he cant use weed. he got caught at school. for fucks sake read the fucking thread.

  7. Then, you were doing it wrong! :D
  8. dxm is pretty fucking scary i dont think im gonna do that again
  9. I haven\'t dexed in a while but I will soon. i also agree to everyone else just get a nick and make a tinner, at leats you won\'t die or get really sick.
  10. I think i\'ve been coming at you wrong, man.

    If you\'re interested in just \'getting fucked up\' then i dont think pot is the drug your looking for. That\'s just my own opinion.

    If you can\'t afford or infer resources so that you can acquire actual drugs that you know about, and not household chemicals and industrial gases, then perhaps you should accept that fact. I just thing it\'s incredibly idiotic to use a drug or chemical that you know absolutley nothing about.

    I\'m all about responsible drug recreation and experimentation. I\'ve done loads of hard drugs, phycidelics, perscription drugs, etc. But i had done research, i know what to expect, long term effects, hell even its molecular composition. in that way i put myself at minimal risk and thats why im not burnt out.

    Knowledge is a powerful thing.

    I think you could learn alot here at Grasscity, Beatles Fan, and i would be happy to help you where i can. There are alot of friendly and intelligent and experienced people here eager to help you out whenever possible.

    Ultimatley, it\'s everybodies choice. I will always advocate responsible use, but alot of people wont listen because they chose not to. I\'ll respect that in hopes that you\'ll respect my beleifs.

    Sorry for such a harsh welcome.

    P.S. - as for your dick hurting... thats just weird, buddy. :confused_2:
  11. ya think?
  12. Speak up.

  13. not rly
  14. well thanks dudes i just was fairly desparate i guess

  15. Of course! That\'s what we\'re here for.... seriously, though, give us a report on the high. Personally, I\'ve never done DXM. Tell me what it was like. What did you see? think? feel? :cool:
  16. um it was kinda scary at first i started to feel buzzed then kind of like a mild weed high, then everything got crazy and the walls looked like they were stretching apart and things were moving up and down. if i closed my eyes i would see wierd shit moving around. and i watched south park and i dont even remember the episode. it was kinda creepy. i like weed highs because you feel happy all the time.
  17. low doses produce hyperactive mda like effects (100-200mg) while high doses (200-1500mg) produce effects anywhere from distorted vision dreamlike states and deep thoughts of life (an effect of the loss of bodily feel) and almost complete loss of motor function similar to salvia

    the higher doses are similar to ghb ketamine and such with intense feelings of being in \'k-hole\' past around 800mg

    check out erowids vaults on it for more info
  18. if u take like 1000mg of dxm you can be fuckin retarded for 6 hours.

    its not something to screw around with too often tho cuz there is reports of brain damage, stomach damage...etc, etc...
  19. cough syrup

  20. Grab the closest bottle of alcohol and start drinking! Works for me when I got no weed.
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