Best household chemical or thing like that to get high off of?

Discussion in 'General' started by Beatles Fan, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. ahahahaha . thats sig worthy
  2. the kid cant because he is probably on probation and in rehab for smoking weed and having on school property
  3. ok You guys are fucked up if you want this kid to drink nail polish remover and bleach. Get a fuckin clue and a life, morons.

    Dude, go buy a 40 of Old English 800 malt liquor and relax.
  4. well im pretty sure he just went with the bottle of cough syrup
  5. id also love to hear an update
  6. holy fuck dude your halarious in this thread +rep
  7. hey token, havent seen you around in awhile.

    haha i was pre-drinking when i was posting in this thread :D
  8. HAhahahah, this is the most stupid thread i\'ve ever seen, EVER.
    OMG leik HELPS m3 get fukkked up ye1!!
  9. please, explain to me what makes me a moron and have no life.

  10. I\'ll explain. That dude read the 3 first posts, skipped the 6 other pages, and proceeded to act \"mature\". He obviously failed to recognize the ridiculousness of this whole post and took your comical answers seriously, I put him in the same boat as the beatles fan.

    And i\'d rather drink nail polish with mouthwash than OE... bleeeerrghghgh

  11. This is the first time I\'ve noticed you here... and that is one fucking classic line! I now have an everlasting picture of you embedded in my mind...! :p

    I haven\'t laughed this hard at a thread in a LONG time! Whew! And to think that I kept avoiding reading it because of the subject line...! I just didn\'t know what I was missing! :rolleyes: ;)
  12. wow i have been high for over 24 hours now


    omg you totally made my day. ahhh.... im gonna hava heart attack...
  14. :D

  15. Damn! Took the words right outta my hands!

    Fuckin\' right on, Beatles Fan! See, the nail polish wasn\'t toxic at all, was it?! :D
  16. sorry to burst your bubble but nail polish remover actually can get you drunk.
  17. i think the older nail polish would, don\'t they make it all into ethanol alchohol now or some shit like that so you can\'t consume it?

    vodka does smell and taste like it could be straight nail polish.

  18. The older nail polish was made of acetone... and I don\'t believe that\'s ingestible. At least it\'s nothing I\'d ingest. But hey, this isn\'t about me, it\'s about Beatles Fan! He should be coming up on like 36 hours now. Wonder if he\'s still high...!
  19. i thought nail polish was still made of acetone. and acetone i know for a fact can kill you.

    anyways he was drinking his syrup so i doubt this is even a valid point for the thread anymore
  20. Just watch a bunch of stevin segal movies, that shit fucks me up.

    on a serious note this thread kept me attention the whole time and plus rep to rasta man for tearing everyone up.
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