Best household chemical or thing like that to get high off of?

Discussion in 'General' started by Beatles Fan, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. Sweet, we won\'t be hearing any more from a certain fan of the beatles.
  2. wait a sec am i gonna die because that shit isnt funny dude
  3. i was joking. shut up and eat your pills.
  4. i wouldnt do that because im pretty sure that would make me accessory to murder or something

    and throwing up is pretty normal so dont get too worried if it happens
  5. Whatev.

    You can come chill in canada, i need more pitches on the QP anyways.
  6. lol i still wouldnt do that because canada likes to give people to the us after committing crimes.

    lol but pitching on a qp does give a real nice discount.
  7. so ya think hes dead yet?
  8. naw dude hes fine... if anything hes surprised about how cough syrup will do that to ya.
  9. man the poster beatle man you a crack addcit. Wwanna get real high i did it oncce. Firest take your doggs shit if you havea dogg, dont worry though a cat will work fine too. THen piss on the shit. Let it sit in a bowl for like 5 mins. Take a nice pinch of it like tabacco chew and just use it like u would chew, in about 5 mins youll be crawlin on your kness.
    Good luck!!!

  10. aahhaahhaahahahahaaa

  11. dude, don\'t do drugs ever again, honestly.
  12. LMFAO. dude after reading this thread, i don\'t know whether to lose my head laughing or weep for the youth lol.
  13. Jesus fucking christ... I just remembered why I hate the lower 90% of the population.
  14. yea that wasnt condenscending. i hope we all can grow up to be like you, oh mighty one.
  15. If you REALLY have no money to get any bud....get a can of compressed air, for like computers and shit, and inhale that. I\'ve never done it, never will, but my buddy does it sometimes, he says it\'s good and for a second his voice gets REALLY low.
  16. Umm... that was condescending too. I was just jokin\' around... sorry if I offended you or something. This kid takes a regular dose of cough syrup and is confused when 8 minutes later he\'s not buzzin\'. That\'s all I have to say.
  17. this has got ot be one of the funniest threads ive read in a while, and its not even one of those classic true life story funny thins either. lol.
  18. sad sad thread...research before asking such sily questions

    I mean have some hour (at least) book time to backup doing drugs before asking anything is a safe bet

    but dxm in low doses (10 cough gels at most) will produce mda like hyper hugdrug effects

    enjoy :)
  19. I agree with scoobydooby67, just pull all the money you can together and grab some regs. All you need is like a nickle or dime bag. Do that and you\'ll be set.
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