Best household chemical or thing like that to get high off of?

Discussion in 'General' started by Beatles Fan, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. dude... why is it so hard to wait a few days... your not on crack... inhalants are addictive and deadly.

    so whats the story... i know there has to be a reason why you need house stuff. let us know and we can help more
  2. well i got caught with weed at school like 2 weeks ago and ive been dry since and i really need a good high.
  3. you wont find a really good high in your house.. not unless you find a cactus at home depot or order salvia off the net.
  4. there is more to life then just getting high dude... if you cant go that long without looking to inhalants then you should quit and put it all in perspective.

    *edit* and they dont test for shrooms and acid on dt\'s *double edit* well they do but they metabolize within 3 days.
  5. You\'re not gonna get a weed high for free at home. Sorry.
  6. alright i got some dxm gel pills they are kinda orangey amber colored. so.. i will get fucked up off of these? its robituson and it says dxm is in it.
  7. what type of robo?

    you only want a certain type of em
  8. meh it says there is 10mg per pill of dxm. its supposed to be 30. ill get the syrup kind and take some of that.
  9. Look for pills, fucking scour all your medicine cabinets, parents drawers, if you have old people living with you theyre a goldmine. Make sure you know what your taking and that taking a few wont affect the person theyre prescribed to.
    Ecit- As for the DXM make sure the only ingredient is the dxm, pretty much anything else they put in will fuck you up bad. You can still take others, but be warned that the experience might not be pleasant.
  10. what the guy above me told you to do was steal your own family members prescription pills... do not listen to him

    you can still use the 10 mg pills. just take half in pills and half in syrup
  11. dude i just took 2 tablespoons of cough syrup it supposedly has 30mg or ml or something of dxm i dont know i hope it works its been like 8 mins now nothing happended
  12. alright now i took 2 of those little pills i told you about earlier

    edit* gel pills
  13. I told him to make sure that the pills were no longer needed, i would never advocate stealing a sick persons medicine. however i would have no problem taking a bottle of pain killers from my grandmas hip surgery a few years back, long after the prescription has expired. Doyou see the difference? Of course you have to judge wether or not taking the pills is apropriate, but that should be done on a case by case basis. Maybe let him judge who to listen or not listen to, i dont apreciate you telling him to disregard me.
  14. Its gonna take alot more than that to do anything, for me to feel the slightest buzz i need about 150 mg\'s, for a trip around 300.
    It should take like half an hour to 2 hours max to kick in
  15. wow im not feeling shit should i take more or just chill how long does it take for this shit to get me high
  16. Im telling you man, chug some nail polish remover, it\'ll get you fucked up.
  17. ok so ive taken 4 10mg pills and 2 tablespoons of the stuff so im kinda getting buzzed i hope it gets better
  18. it wont... normally for your first time you drink a whole bottle or take like 20 pills...
  19. alright now i know what i have to do lol
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