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Best household chemical or thing like that to get high off of?

Discussion in 'General' started by Beatles Fan, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. im dry of everything. anyone know a good household chemical that provides a nice high. not a cheap high like off a sharpie, but a real high.

    thanks in advance
  2. You can get drunk off of nail polish remover.
  3. wow.

    i heard draino gets you drunk if you drink enough.

    dude a nick of regs is five bucks. come on now.
  4. Just let him chug some cleaning chemicals and learn his lesson.
  5. Mixed with mouthwash for a good taste.
  6. i\'ve heard good things about bleach.

  7. maby, but rubbing alchohol is the shit.

    jk but if anything, go grab a can of whipped cream. The nitrous in there will make u feel hella light headed.

  8. maby, but rubbing alchohol is the shit.

    jk but if anything, go grab a can of whipped cream. The nitrous in there will make u feel hella light headed.
  9. dxm

    it sucks but some like it

    just search it

  10. me? doing it once won\'t hurt u. That\'s why I only did it once.
  11. DXM in cough syrup. Or a can of whipped cream.

    If you want something more intense than the whipped cream (but horrible for your brain), go outside to your air conditioner and find the freon nozzle (looks like where you put air in your bike tires). Put the balloon over the nozzle, and use a small, round, skinny rock to push through the baloon into the center of the nozzle. This releases freon into the balloon. Be careful not to rip the balloon with the rock. Fill the balloon 1/4-1/3 of how you would fill it with air normally. Take the balloon off the nozzle, and close it with your fingers so none leaks out. When you\'re ready, put the balloon to your mouth and breath in \'n\' out of the balloon a few times. Prepare to become worthless for the next minute or so.
  12. wait so how does this whip cream thing work? i just eat it all out of the bottle? lol
  13. Nah, hold it straight up and push the thingee and inhale all the Nitrous. No cream should come out.

  14. the cream is propelled by nitrous, and to get only that, turn the bottle horizontal, press like you\'re trying to get cream, and inhale quickly for 2 seconds and try to get your lungs full. Hold in for a second or two and exhale. do it 1-3 times in a row or untill u feel light headed.
  15. alright i did that and that was fun but is there anything that will give me a real long lasting high? you know like a drug high?

  16. not you... i mean the poster of the thread... most things you pick up around the house can kill you easily.

  17. no... unless you pick up some dxm for robo tripping.

    all the huffing and shit only lasts like 10 mins although the damage lasts forever.
  18. aw fuck. im on an anti depressant so dxm could kill me plus i dont think we have an robituson
  19. a bottle of anything with dxm, al lyour nutmeg, and a bottle of vanilla extract mix it all up drink it, and then go do whip its and huff computer cleaners, report back hahaha

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