Best Hoods/Reflectors?

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  1. I am looking for a hood/reflector for a 1000w HPS light. The websites that I have been checking offer many dif sizes, finishes, and shapes and I just don't know how to choose the best one. I know that I want a xxxl to get the maximum light-print. But what shape? What size is too big?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. Are you looking for air cooled or open? I use this reflector for a 6x6 grow tent and it works perfectly for it not a bad price either.
    $111 air cooled reflector
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    Air-cooled. I know how much heat a 600w bulb can give off so I know that I am going to need a air-cooled.

    Would the increase in coverage area be worth dropping $200 for this:
  4. I really couldn't tell you man, what i can tell you is the more light you dispense over a larger space the less intense the light is going to be so really your prolly gonna get the same result just over a larger area.

  5. Makes sense.. But then I still cant decide which would be better.

    The larger one would allow for more area for the plants to live in which = a larger canopy and strong plants.

    But the smaller one means more concentration and less time for that plants to fill the canopy and absorb every lumen they can...

    Decisions, decisions...:confused:
  6. Well man that max area a 1000 watter should be covering is really a 4x4 area the hydrofarm will do that just fine and it is $111 so thats 89 reasons to go with it lol.
  7. Those are some good reasons haha.

    I appreciate the info bro
  8. Can anyone tell me how these air cooled shades stack up as far as light distribution goes? Here's a link
    BATWING - 400mm x 600mm - ALUM. DIMPLE REFLECTOR - eBay Other Hydroponics, Hydroponics, Gardening, Home. (end time 27-Sep-10 11:53:03 AEST)

    I am currently using something along the lines of this one and want something that is gonna be as good if not better----> BATWING - 400mm x 600mm - ALUM. DIMPLE REFLECTOR - eBay Other Hydroponics, Hydroponics, Gardening, Home. (end time 27-Sep-10 11:53:03 AEST)

    I figure i need air cooled shades as my room is pretty hot atm and it's not even summer yet.
  9. Damn I thought that looked like a killer deal on the radiant but the shipping is outrageous! $75 just to ship that one item to CA is insane.
  10. Those are not air cooled shades my friend.
  11. Go with the Big Kahuna........great spread on this allows me to get the light close and keep a decent sized light print area.

    High Tech Garden Supply

  12. I am probably going to go with the Mondo or the Radiant. Thanks for the help!
  13. You can also check Craigslist for some hoods, seens some on there at a pretty good prices. I paid $115 for the radiant 6" hood at Good Nature Garden Supply in Sac.
  14. Thanks!

    How do you like your Radiant 6"?
  15. No problem man. The radiant is a great hood too but you could also get the Xtrasun which is about the same size for quite a bit less. I have one of them and I actually like it a lot.

    Xtrasun 6" White Reflector - Air Coolable
  16. Working pretty good for a 5X5 grow area, plenty of light penetration. Runs nice and cool with a 435cfm fan hooked upto it.

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