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best "homemade" thing to smoke out of?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by infamous16, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. I have a few pipes and such, was just wondering what was the best "homemade" thing to smoke out of since I am in a constructive mood :smoking:, thanks!
  2. gravity bong:)
  3. word on that
  4. i like waterfalls better than a gravity bong but its the same kinda concept. i always get either a tweeky high or a couchlock high from gravity bongs and such.
  5. hmmmmm, is there any really good guides on making one of those?

    never used one they sound awesome though.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7QlvfPV7Oo

    great guide for SoBe waterfall bong, just DO NOT USE COPPER for anything that heat will touch. I don't know why the guy used a fucking copper screen on that thing.
  7. MY highlighter Vaporizer


    1 Big Highlighter
    1 Glass Test Tube
    1 Bic Pen

    The sketch is color coded
    so the key is:

    White: Highlighter
    Yellow: Bic Pen
    Red: Cap
    Green: Test Tube


  8. ahhh the great sobe gravity's. that little notch on the bottom was put there to transform it into a gravity bong.
  9. Aren't Sobe bottles a little small for g-bongs? I usually like half-gallon bottles for those massive hits.

    If you're looking for something on the DL, try joints. eh?
  10. yeah i smoke joints everday i just like making shit and trying it out.

    made a lightbulb vape it didnt work to well...have made tons and tons of waterbottle pipes and bongs in my younger smoking days
  11. Or my Hidden Bic Pen Pipe..

    2 Paint Free Bobby pins
    1 Pic Pen

    1) gut the pen
    2) take 2 bobby pins and bend the parted side so the frayed side (bumpy) is bent up so it holds the pins inside..
    3) now the bobby pin shud be sticking out with the loop sticking out of the pen
    4) turn the pin so they make a diamond shape
    5) take the ink and pull it from the tip of the pen.. and wash the tip out
    6) cut the stub so their is just enough plastic to stay onto the bic body..

    IT can only really be used with nugs.. but non the less its a pipe..

  12. My friend, if you want a homemade piece that will knock your socks off, try this out. Get a large fish tank gravel cleaner in the animal supplies at Wal-Mart for like $8. It should have a large acrylic tube and then at the bottom, a receptacle with a long, clear rubber hose. Make you a little aluminum bowl to fit in the top of the cylinder, poke some small holes all over it, throw your weed in and blaze! Me and my friends all adorned it with the name "The Punisher" because it punishes your lungs and soul. Seriously one of the hardest-hitting DIY bongs you can make. You can't beat it, especially for the cost! I've never seen anyone hit it their first time and not choke. I'm talking about some hardcore smokers, too!

    Try it, I promise you will NOT be disappointed!
  13. fish tank gravel cleaner? wow thats the first time i've heard of one of those.

    if i do remember, ill probably look for one at walmart...but i probably wont, XD.
  14. [​IMG]


    No but seriously, how do you turn this into a piece... and with little holes all over it... :confused::confused::confused:
  15. Try it out bro, you will love it! Until I started getting some nice glass pieces, that was my preferred smoking medium. The story of how it came to be is quite a funny one actually. My friend and I were sitting around his house bored one day playing Halo. We had about a dime between the two of us, so we decided to take a break from playing and smoke a little. Alas! We have no papers, no blunts, no pipes, no bongs, nothing! We fish around for a few things but grimace at the thought of using a can or something similar. Suddenly, my friend run's off somewhere only to return a few minutes later with that in his hand. My initial response was"No! I am not smoking out of your cock-pump!" He was like "No, it's for cleaning the gravel at the bottom of the aquarium!" So I ceded to the idea, we rinsed it off, and that my friends is what they call history.

    Plus, another great thing about it is that you can tuck it between your seat in your vehicle and since the hose is so long, you can pass it around the whole vehicle without ever having to move it! We usually make the guy who rides shotgun do the lighting as a sort of punishment for getting the best seat!
  16. Lol! Thanks fvaambush for the pic! That's almost exactly the same thing we have, only ours is blue and the hose is much longer (3 or 4 ft. I think).

    To answer your question, it's simple really! Just take the big cylinder and turn it so the open end is facing upward. Mesh an aluminum bowl in there and stab it a few times with something pointy to get some air holes. Then, throw your weed in, someone grab the end of the long, skinny hose, light 'er up and you'll be on Cloud 9 in no time!

    BTW, the entire device doesn't have any holes anywhere on it, except for the openings at the end of the tube and the hose.
  17. Sorry for the double post, but I thought to clear up any confusion I thought I should mention that you do not use the automated part or whatever that is. We just buy the cylinder and hose as a piece by themselves.
  18. using a snorkel is pretty cool and you can do it underwater if you get it just right so it's pretty fun:smoke:
  19. why do you poke a bunch of holes in it?
  20. So it's a steamroller?

    I'm confused :)

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