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Best Homemade Smoking Device

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Incomplete, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. What is the best home made smoking device you and your friends have smoked out of?
  2. ok tape a ball inflater pin to a wrench socket bam u got yur self a great chillum
  3. def. a gravity bong with a chapstick tube and tin foil as bowl. works great.
  4. Made a sweet bong out of a vodka bottle and a pen!!!! it was the shit!!:D...:smoke: heh
  5. my glass bong broke the other day so i made a bong out of a coke bottel,my down stem and bowl it wooks good
  6. light bulb vap or a plumbing tube with a connecting nut where a roach sat perfectly and you inhaled through the other end of the hose like a beer bong
  7. either the steamrolled i made out of something made for asthma attacks that i didnt need anymore. hit SO good.

    a bong i made out of a miniskis (sp? u no the tube things for science in like, 9th grade) a plastic test tube. ofcourse a bowl but whatever.. that hit really good too.
  8. 2-liter Waterfall bong
  9. got some tools i found in my garage for air hose hook-ups, and a straight pipe.

    looks like a tool so I keep tools in my car now if I have it with so I can throw it with them if cops come, had to do it the other day to and it worked :D
  10. Sobe Grav by far
  11. gravity bong
    use a coolagan bottle you will die
  12. took one of those 100 gallon(i think) tubs and put about 4 holes in it went to lowes and bought 4 hoses. put em in the holes and flipped the tub over and made a hole where we put the bowl. made a gravity bong outta that in my friends pool. highest ive ever been :D
  13. Haven't smoked out of it yet but a friend and I are maknig a legit vape, none of that light bulb shit.
  14. we got these long as cups from a renaissance fair, kinda looks like this 3.jpg
    except it was a clear white plastic and the bottom was circular dome looking of a bong. Made a hole in the circular bottom towards the top, Took apart a marker, got a huge socket wrench to fit in it, a screen door piece in the socket and the top had a circular thing outwards, cut it off so it was just the straight tube.

    Fricken God, and we weren't the only kids in our grade to make one of these either lol.
  15. waterfall, you can use a roach or a little nug and get a nice rip
  16. Me an my friends made a new bong yesterday actually. Easily the best homemade we've made.. It was made out of a Lamp that's filled with water. It's about 2 an 1/2 foot long an light's up when we smoke out of it, Different colors.

    I'll try getting pics it's pretty cool stuff.
  17. if you got a pool get on get one of those huge water cooler jugs cut the bottom off make a big foil bowl at the top. then pull a gb in the pool but swim up underneath it and enjoy it. smokedome. its great. :eek:
  18. Not my best, but one I recently made. I've been bored this long weekend so I made it with things I found around my dorm room. It's double percolated, got two diffusers, ashcatcher and I guess I could technically put ice in there.




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