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Best homemade pipe for my needs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by misterjoe100, May 25, 2009.

  1. So I have smoked about 5 times and I bought my friends glass pipe for cheap. It is filled with resin and terribly hard to clean, probably because of the mouthpiece size. It also reeks but that's no surprise. I would really just like to make my own that is reliable, simple, easy to clean, and able to fit into a World of Warcraft case haha. Here is the one I have.


    So what are some suggestions, THANKS! Oh and it's good to be here on GC now!
  2. get plumbing parts from a hardware store
  3. That looks like a decent piece. You just want to clean it.

    Put it in a Ziplock sandwich size bag. Fill the Zip with isopropyl alcohol about 1/3rd of the way, just so it covers the pipe and then some. Pour some table salt into it. Zip the bag up and leave a pocket of air so it's "pillow" like in shape. I usually then place the sandwich bag inside a 1 gallon food storage bag in case of leaks. But then just shake the liquid/salt mix back and forth while loosely gripping the pipe through the bags. It won't take too long, and that will be clean as can be. If it's really stubbornly dirty you might want to do it a few times or let it soak for a few minutes before you start to shake it clean.
  4. Ya I did this right when I got the pipe. The thing is the resin just clogs up the holes then and I have to take paper clips and pipe cleans to it to scrape it all the way out and it barely works. That's why I want to make something else.
  5. Did you use isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen perioxide? They are not the same. If you follow the instructions above you should have no problem with clogging. Don't be afraid to shake hard.
  6. Hmm it didn't look like you'd taken the iso approach judging by the 1st picture. Once I get my glass really clean it's usually good for a while and easier to clean the next go-round. I've got some small pocket pieces that have really small openings as well.

    Anyway as far as crafting your own pipe, there's an endless availability of options to explore.
    Rather than repeat something thats been said already and explained in better detail, I'd recommend searching the forums for "homemade" and see what you come up with. There's many, many different threads outlining various different approaches. I'm sure you'll find something that uses materials you'll find at your own place.

    Btw, welcome to GC!
  7. And sorry to beat a dead horse and double post, but Linux is right. The iso-method of cleaning glass is the best around as far as I'm concerned, and once you get it right you shouldn't have any issues with clogging, especially during the cleaning process.

    Of course when you're done with the alcohol, you'll want to rinse well with hot water.
  8. dude use that piece it looks sick
  9. Well that picture was before I cleaned it. But I did use hydrogen peroxide, damn. I don't think I have any pure isopropyl alcohol other than in some fingernail polish, will that work?
  10. lol just go out and buy some iso. at least 91%
  11. Will Walmart do for 91%+ ?
  12. Nevermind, they do. I'll post back when I'm done cleaning it!!
  13. Good, I think you'll be satisfied, that really does look like a nice piece of glass.

    And post pics when you're done!!!
  14. WOW what a difference, so much better without all that resin clogging it up.

  15. holy shittt!!!

    haha the diff. between the cleaned and the dirty pipe :eek:

    thts insane i actually like the darker 1 better
    but shit thts cool happy tokin bruh :smoking:
  16. that piece looks beautiful now
    resin tastes like shit
  17. It's like you bought a new fucking pipe.
    Good shit, dude.

    Now go dirty it up again, make me proud.
  18. Thanks! Never use hydrogen peroxide over iso alc, the pics show why haha.
  19. Zing!

    Well worth it imo. Nice job cleaning it, and I'd say a very nice looking piece!

    How much did you pay your friend for it if you don't mind me asking?
  20. nice piece man..
    I would love one like that. but... im cheap as hell:hello:

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