Best Homemade Ghetto Pieces (Include directions)

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  1. So I've always seen threads with pictures of some pretty kick-ass ghetto bongs, but rarely do they include directions on how to make them. I know that somebody's going to say, "Just make a ghetto bong and smoke, diptits!" Well, I don't know about you, but half the fun of smoking from homemade bongs is that you made it and the better it is, the more fun it is.
    So, the rules for this forum are as follows:
    1. If you post pictures of a ghetto bong, please-- don't be a douchenozzle. Include directions please!
    2. No hating on people who use ghetto bongs just because you prefer glass to homemade pieces.
    3. Include a material list :D
    4. Milk shot would be nice :p
    I'll post pics of mine up here tomorrow when I get a chance to.

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  4. Bump. Lets go!
  5. I haven't had to do any homemade action lately, but if I do I will def post.
  6. Homemades are always fun, I used a bike peg before.
  7. I'm new to smoking I've smoked a few times but I'm starting to smoke more but I don't have a piece can someone help me make and easy home made pipe preferably able to be used many times

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  8. You can make one out of a toilet paper roll and a screen
  9. Cut a small hole to stock the screen in and when you're smoking cover one end with you're hand. Accidently pushed submit before I finished lol
  10. Thanks but what do I make the screen out of an also don't know much about this stuff so kinda dumb it down lol

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  11. Need help with the screen part

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  12. I know people sometimes pull screens out of their sinks but idk about that lol just YouTube toilet paper steam roller, that should help you better than I can explain lol but it an easy piece that can be destroyed to leave no evidence lol
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    heres an easy one 
    take a bottle 
    cut it making sure its really jagged because that's important for later
    bite down on the bottle cap 
    now this next step is most important
    shove the bottle up your ass
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    This sweet bambong I made.

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  15. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392910157.064655.jpg

    Voss and Sobe life water bottle with perc. Glue gun water sealed. Hasn't gotten a name. Any help?...I'm only clever enough to think of VOSSBOSS. Or maybe Vossobe. As in "vawce o bee"

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  16. Here's one for y'all

    1. Get some crystal head vodka
    2. Drink the vodka (very important step).
    3.get a 40oz bottle of your choice.
    4.wash down that vodka with your 40oz. ( you can skip this step if you'd like but the finished product wont be as cool lol)
    5. Go on amazon and buy a diamond hole saw bit kit
    One that comes with different sizes like this. I always get this one.

    6. Mark the spot where you want the down stem on the crystal head bottle
    7.fill the bottle with luke warm water
    8.carefully start drilling on your mark while running more warm water over the bit so that glass dust dose not accrue, you also cool the bit by doing this prolonging its life.
    9. Getting the bit started can be tricky i like to come in at an angle and get the edge started and then once you have a groove the bit will stay where you want it when you straighten it out.
    10. Drill at a nice speed with medium even pressure
    Once your started doing it you'll get the hang of it and be drilling bottles in under 5 minuets.
    11. Use the largest bit in the ki and drill a hole in the bottom of da 40oz
    Go pick up a "steal stick" at Walmart. Its in the isle with bathroom caulk and duck tape and is a fast setting epoxy.
    12. Use the epoxy and carefully epoxy the bottom of the 40oz to the opening of the crystal head bottle.
    (Make the best air tight seal you can it don't half to be pretty)
    13. Let dry for a half hr.
    14.insert your down stem into the hole on the crystal head bottle. (make sure you get some rubber grommets for your down stem most head shops will just give you some for free or very cheap.
    15. Fill it up, sit back, and wait for all your friends to shit themselves.

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  17. Made this one too, out of a wine decanter shaped like a rifle. Same process as discribed above. Even less steps. Look for dope empty bottle on ebay too.

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  18. Super simple bubbler

    1 poke two holes in top of jar
    2 make a stem with a socket bowl on top, and out it through one hole.
    3 make a mouthpiece out of a pen tube or a straw.
    4 glue both pieces in the holes
    5 put water in it and smoke

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  19. Another smaller version

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  20. Sure man PM me

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