Best Homeless Sign You Have Ever Seen?

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  1. I saw this homeless guy sitting on the street in Montreal (fucking awesome city, gonna go to college there) this last weekend when I was up there. His sign read, "I DESPERATELY NEED TO SMOKE A JOINT. PLEASE HELP." Needless to say, I gave him enough money to get a joint, and asked him if i could take a picture of his sign. He goes, "sure, just wait up a second" and then goes digging through his pocket and pulls out his bowl and poses with it. Fucking cool ass homeless guy. Fucking awesome. :smoke:

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  2. You gave in man... can't get caught slippin' by the panhandlers.

    But I once saw a sign that said something along the lines of "Drug problem, need money". I mean wtf? what an awful way to persuade people haha.
  3. You should of smoked him out
  4. theres a guy near my town who has a sign that reads "unemployed zombie slayer" or some shit like that haha he seems pretty dope.
  5. "I need money to get my kids back"
    "I need money to buy blow"
  6. "can you please give me spare change,to buy some drug's"
  7. Um never seen a good one, I have some seen some very long, try to play on your emotions ones but yea when you got clean clothes and clean shoes I dont fall for it. I have given people without signs a a dollar before just for asking, one time a homeless guy outside of 7/11 who had some dirty clothes and dirty jacket, just dirty and one time someone who wasnt homeless who just wanted to get on the bus and asked for 50 cents or 75 cents, so i just gave him a dollar. Aint no reason to be jobless around here though, I live in the DC area, if you want to work you can find work here.
  8. When I used to live in Texas everytime I drove up to Houston there was this homeless guy at a stoplight I always had to pass, his sign said "I'm the real spiderman, lost my powers, need food" lol :p
  9. Times Square, Manhatten...

    Homeless guy with white poster board sign hanging from neck reading



  10. A guy that hangs out on a party street near where I live with do push ups for cash. One handed, clappers, one handed clappers....Guys a machine, and must make a killing off drunk people watching him do pushups.
  11. 2 ugly 2 prostitute
  12. i bet you cant hit me with a quarter
  13. Family Killed by Ninjas
    Need $ for Karate Lessons

  14. Did you take his challenge?
  15. "Need money so i can buy 2 hookers and go to a motel to get molested" this was in Manhattan lol
  16. I was in Seattle and I saw a guy with one that said "Please give me a dollar now, so I don't have to steal 20 from you later."
    I lol'd and gave him a couple bucks and the rest of my burrito.
  17. Saw one once thats sign said"Need Beer"......also saw this guy hitching and he had a sign on one side it had a city name, and when you got close enough that he could tell you
    weren't a cop he flipped it and it said"Have a joint" probably got a ride pretty quick....
  18. I saw a sign that a homeless dude was holding up that says "I make signs"
  19. There's mad bums on Venice beach with signs that say things along the line of "need money for weed"

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