Best Homeade Smoking Devise Ever?

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by 420EverydayKMK, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. I made a pipe out of a danimals bottle,greatest idea ever,perfect size for monster hits
  2. 2L Gravity
  3. I think I made the smallest bong in the world a couple years ago, my proudest Mcguyver moment
    The Tic-Tac Bong
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    WTF?! did it work? Is that a carb?
  5. yeh its a carb, and yeh it hit like a champ for a couple days, then the bowl piece slot started getting too loose, I tried to make a couple others after but non hit as good as the first
  6. Haha I've made a bubbler out this tiny pill bottle awhile back.. It hit like a champ til i got so stoned i put it in a drawer and forgot about it. My mom found it :/
  7. Best fuckin use of Tic Tacs ever
  8. Pill bottle steamers are the shit
  9. i had a sanyo flip camera phone the one where u can change the front part to different color plastics nd you can remove the antenna what i did was put my bud on the antenna hole nd hit it from the front part it worked had to break the phone though make a hole through the middle so u can hit lol phone didnt work anyway not recommended though cuz its really hard to hit i was just fucking around trynna see wat i can come up with
  10. Got a huge card board cylinder that was about 10in all the way around and a foot long, and in the middle I cut a hole and put a 15mm bolt there, put a screen in it and put duck tape around the bowl to make shore no air leaked, and I SWEAR TO GOD THIS THING ALMOST MADE ME BLACK OUT! I took 6 huge hits like 2 bowls... and As I held the hit all the sudden every thing turned white and I think I was out for a second.
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    O M G. THAT IS INSANE!!! I want instructions on making it!!
  13. Homemade bongs are by far the best. Why? One hitters (pen) let all the ash into your lungs, pipes often do the same. Homemade bongs trap these particles like a filter and cool down the smoke mking it much easier on your they hit fuckin hard

    16 years old i had a minute maid lemonade bottle with One of those MONSTER pens and thr huge endcap as a bowl. Me and my buddy once packed a bowl so big (1.5-2g i think) we called it the 8th wonder of the world! It kept lighting and ligbting and never turned to ash. I think it took about 15 hits EACH till it was done. Fuck that was a monster!!!
  14. 1- get a broken glass on glass bowl piece(actually probably doesn't need to be broken or GoG)
    2-start burning a hole where you want the bowl placed,while it's still hot and before the hole becomes bigger then the circumference of the bowl stem you wanna push it in there and the plastic will shape around it
    3-burn a hole for the carb, if you want a more aesthetically pleasing hole shape it with a pen
    4-wash it out and add water
    5- smoke
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    Did u just do it on
    The side? And ur not worried about it cracking?
  16. my prized orange behemoth bong
    to this day it still rips it is now a stunning 7 years old


  17. No offense...but...what a piece of shit? lol :p
  18. [quote name='"E n i g m a"']
    No offense...but...what a piece of shit? lol :p[/quote]

    Agreed. That looks nasty.
  19. Used to make bong out of fiji water bottles.

    Then I got money and bought a real one
  20. I did however manage to make a vaporizor from a soldering iron, works pretty good but still trying to perfect it.

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