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  1. Hi friends,

    I already own a PAX portable vaporizer but when I move into my new place I want to buy a solid home vape as a housewarming gift to myself.

    What's the best mid-range home vaporizer on the market? I'm really impressed with the volcano but it's a little expensive. What's good out there for under $200?

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  2. Extreme Q is very good and can use both whip and bag methods, not bad at being hooked up to the bong either
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    There is no one best home vaporizer, regardless what anyone else may say here.    What may be the best for me may not be the best for you.
    I know that that's not really what you want to hear because it makes things a bit more difficult in choosing a vape but there isn't a vape on the market that does all things equally as well as any other vape.
    But at that price point and below, the home vapes that you should check out are:
    Vapolution 2.0
    Extreme Q
  4. Oh, I don't know. What about the Paxacano?  :hide:
    I think you've just given some fanboys an orgasm.
  6. I like how the paxcano excels at the following: on the go, at home, through water, bags, whips, direct draw, conservation, huge clouds, all glass air path, and last but not least the flamethrower capability. ;)
  7. Ploom & Bickel really knocked it out of the park with their last one.
  8. How about Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer. There are a lot of good things about this vape. It offers the unique ability to enjoy rich and flavorful vapor through either a balloon bag or whip. It has a temperature control which allows the user to manage a vaporizing session to achieve tasty vapor and desired effects.
  9. The E-Nano is great.
    -Conserves bud better than most top Vapes, or at least on par with them.
    It's small.
    -Can be left on 24/7.
    -2-10 minute heat up useable at 2 minutes, best when left to heat for 5-10.
    -Feels great quality.
    -Made in the USA.
    -Ships fast
    -works really well with dry hits and the default glass stem
    -feels almost tailor made for vapor-bonging

    It is a hard hitter. Very dense vapor.
  10. Hi I bought a HerbalAire recently but don't get the same hit as a normal pipe. I followed the instructions and tried various ways to use it but don't seem to get that hit. it cost me a bunch of cash to burn without the hit!!! 
  11. You definitely aren't going to get the same hit as a normal pipe since smoke and vapor are quite different, you should be able to get a decent vape cloud though...I have never used the HerbalAire though so can't vouch for that specific vape.

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