Best HLG board setup for 4 plant grow?

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  1. Most likely will run auto flowers.
    Soil grow with 5 gallon pots.
    Space is not an issue.

    Thanks for any input!
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    All rookie growers want to speak in terms of numbers of plants. When you set up a lighting system it's all about how many square foot and what shape your garden is not how many plant you grow. You can grow 1 plant or 32 plants in a 4x4 if you want and use the same lighting system. It depends on your grow style and how long you veg.

    If you run two rooms then you have the entire flower cycle to veg and so 4 plants in a 4x4 makes sense. I also feel like a 4x4 is the best size for a personal flower room. Larger then that starts to get expensive to outfit for lighting and the yield is more then anyone needs in a 5x5. Most people can get by with the yield of what comes out of a 3x3 flower setup and be even more efficient. It depends on how much you like to smoke, your yield goals what space you want use.

    You always want to match the space to the light footprint as opposed to running the lights in an open area. It can boost your light output that hits the plants by as much as 30% over an open space, having reflective material at the appropriate space from the light footprint to boost it the correct amount.

    Autos are a different animal. Most auto grower do a single perpetual space. Veg on the left side of the tent and flower on the right side.

    If you wanted to do that and still have 4 large plants in flower I would get a 4x8 tent and put a veg lighting system at lower power on the left side and a higher power flower style lighting system on the right side. Move the plants from left to right as they get older. Plant two plants every 3 weeks and keep moving them to the left as you harvest.

    Get a 4 pack of qb120's for the veg area in 4k.
    QB120 V2 Quantum Boards

    Run each two boards on their own meanwell HLG-120h-24a in parallel so you can run the far left side really dimmed for seedlings and the 2nd to left two more powerful for established veg plants.

    On the right side of the tent run 6 qb96 v2 boards each three on a meanwell HLG-320h-54a in parallel.
    QB96 Elite V2 Engine

    2 drivers for the flower lights. More power then you need but you can run them dimmed.

    Add two qb3 far reds spaced evenly in the center between the qb96's.
    QB 3 FAR RED

    Run those two qb3's in series on a meanwell apc-16-700.
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  3. That setup is for a 4x8 grow area. 4x4 veg and 4x4 flower.
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  4. Just to show you I'm not talking out my ass. I'm almost copying my setup.
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  5. Thank you for all the information, very detailed! But unfortunately I’m unable to do a perpetual grow. My plan is germinate and start all 4 at once. How would that affect my setup?
  6. Go with just the flower side step in a 4x4 tent. Run it dimmed for veg with the far reds unplugged until near flip.

    Get a lux meter. I recommend the Dr Meter LX1330B on amazon. Run 5,000-8,000 lux on the seedlings probably with only 3 lights dimmed way down all the way current dimmer first, then voltage until they start to flicker. Check with light meter until you hit 5,000.

    As they get more established increase the voltage and then current to the lights. The drivers will have a current and voltage dimmer. Wall mount the driver so you have easy access to the dimmers and run the output of the drivers up and over the top of the tent light hanging supports with slack on the wires so you can move the lights.

    10,000-20,000 lux in established early to mid veg.
    20,000-30,000 in later veg
    55,000-70,000 lux in flower depending on the plant's tolerance for light.

    Plug in the other 3 lights and adjust distance, current dimming, ect to get the correct light readings and a good spread. I wouldn't go closer then about 14" or so. 18" is a better target for max output in flower for best spread.

    You can run much further distance in veg to hit your light readings is a balance between dimming and distance to get the correct light readings for the plant's stage. Plug in the far red just before flip.
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  7. Running a start to finish area instead of starting veg plants side by side staggered will give you a long wait time between harvests. If you want to go with autos I would consider a larger space or separate veg area to double your harvest cycle at least.
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  8. I'm not an auto grower so I'm speaking in terms of photos which is my experience. It takes 4 months to start to finish a 4 plant good photo crop at least in my grow style. That's a long time to wait for bud. I like to harvest every 2 months instead.
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  9. I only have two qb96's on my HLG-320h-54a but on my same setup I have an extra plug on the driver output I could easily just plug a 3rd board into the driver and it would split the current equally between 3 boards instead of 2.

    If 6 boards is too much money just run 4 qb96's in a 4x4 with 2 on each HLG-320h-54a in parallel. I like using extension cord replacement ends for my splices and white walmart extension cords for my wire. 16awg.
    IMG_1090.JPG IMG_1092.JPG IMG_1093.JPG IMG_1094.JPG
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  10. If I was running autos I could just run the same lighting system but remove the center divider because all the plants could run on an 18/6 light cycle or 20/4.
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    I grow autos under qb, 4 of those 120 boards in the rspec will grow you 4 really nice plants. I would space them out a little. I like the 4000k for veg, but I am vegging an auto now under 3000k and not even directly under the light, and it is doing just fine. The 4000k is a luxury light, I love mine for auto veg, but it is not a requirement. If I was buying today I would just go with the rspec v2.
    To perpetual autos, just stagger seed sowing. Plant one a month, harvest one a month. That way the whole place doesn't get stinky all at once.
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  12. The rspec and the qb96 are a very similar light spectrum but the qb96 has slightly more blue so I feel like for start to finish it might be a better light. They call it the rspec for a reason. I don't see much about veg in the description. I think it's about 3k or so average in the spectrum. The qb96 is 3500k average from more blue and green then the rspec.
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    Oh yeah, I forgt about qb96, now that is certainly designed for a perfect single auto. 4 of them over 4 autos at about 3500k in a 4x4 tent and you would be sitting very pretty. What is involved in setting them up?
    Oh I see, you already explained it. Those came after my time. Pretty cool looking. Yes, as an auto grower, they look about perfect. Maybe I'll try one in less than 50,000 hours. I figure I have about 40,000 hours left on these 120's.
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  14. I ordered the 4 pack of QB 120s and the HLG-120h-24a mean well. You said to use one mean well for 2 boards, correct? What do I need to connect the boards to the driver?
  15. You need a wall plug cord end for the driver input like you would use for putting a new end on an extension cord.

    You can extend the driver input but I like to locate it near a power strip/surge protector and just use the stock cord length. It's long enough for function. You can line up all the drivers next to the same power strip and run a heavy appliance type extension cord to the power strip if running multiple lights on it. Wall mount it horizontal in a location where you can get to the dimmers with a small screwdriver. Outside of the grow area is best but not necessary. Mine are in the tent mounted low.

    Splice an 18awg wire onto the driver output positive and negative braided is fine. Many people use solid but braided is more flexible of course. You can use one color wire like red and then put a black marker mark on the negative wire. Just do positive to positive and negative to negative on the first board. You're only working with 24 volts dc so you can't really hurt yourself with it and even thermostat wire can handle the voltage. I would just get a red 18awg roll from the walmart hardware section and a couple of wirenuts/crimp connectors/or lever wagos from an electronics store. You just need any type of splice to extend the driver output wires up over the top of the tent and to the first board with enough slack to lower the lights.

    Since you're just wiring two together in parallel you can use the easy mode wiring and just jumper from the secondary connectors on the opposite side of the board to the next board to wire it in parallel. Positive to positive, negative to negative.

    Like the third picture down. That's two boards in parallel the easy way. Those are qb288 boards but you get the idea.
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