Best High Youve Ever Had?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BigDaddyBud, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. Tell me your best highs! 
    I'll start first. So when I was kinda new to smoking, I had about 9gs of some pretty dank. I used about 3gs before this. My really good friend who got me into smoking and I hung out. We walked to another buddies who has tons of nice tools. He wasn't home so we blazed my homemade pipe for about 5 bowls (its a socket bowl kinda small) and we were pretty stoned. Then we went and got my bong (HITS LIKE A CHAMP) and we were milking it and packing big bowls. We were chopped at this point. It was a bit of 2 strains. A strong sativa and indica. I was mecha high then we went to a buds. Had a joint, hit the bong and his nice pipe. Before we got there I was chopped too the point of no return. I could barely even hit the bong. I was fucked over that day, anyway tell me about your stories.

  2. We do some edibles here that I like better than anything. we melt a little shatter into the cannabutter to kick it in the ass some.
    Edibles are powerful and long lasting. They do have to be made right though.
  3. When I was about 17 we scored some awesome white widow(so we were told) and smoked a 3g blunt between me and 2 friends, while walking on the sidewalk I swore I was seeing little pokemon come out of the grass.  Was great.
    Although lately my edible highs have been insane.  Eat 1-2 brownies(about 0.5grams each)  then rip my bong every hour.  Literally maintain my peak high for 5+ hours/until I go to sleep. 
  4. Not sure. It has a lot to do with set and setting though.
  5. Set and setting for sure,  Canada's wonderland being high is amazing.
    Yeah I got high as a kite at a fair. It kills the high when you have to hide it. I can't make edibles I wish I could.

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