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  1. I was really baked one time and there was some stems and seeds left on the table and I thought if I were to take a seed and put it in the microwave would I get pot corn?
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    They'd be called poppots though. With cannabutter and caramel on top *drools*.

    But yeah, how come there aren't apple pops and pear pops and all that?? What is this wizardry that only lets corn seeds pop into magnificent popping goodness?
  3. You can't just put any kind of corn in a microwave. It's a special kind. It has moisture in the kernel which allows for steam to form, thus cooking the inside and popping the kernel, revealing the crunchy goodness inside.
  4. Cool... so not even any kind of corn is destined to become the popcorn.

    Then they should try to genetically engineer apple seeds to have the same special moist kernel. I really want to taste apple pop. Or pea pops. You can buy roasted peas covered with dried wasabi and I think a popcorn version of that would be amazing.

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